Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trevor Chappell: Seeking to find the truth because somethings just not right.

Police Investigation and History
All that #TChappell ‘s family know is that there was a reported altercation, Police involvement, and that he was found in the street, but they do not know who found him nor of any possible witnesses. Information has been withheld, and their applications for documented records have been refused. Why have the facts been covered up. Why a denial of the wounds and injuries sustained, instead of documenting them and determining the cause? Why was the officer unavailable and is now apparently no longer on the Force? Why have the paramedics recorded totally different information than that of the Police and Pathologist?

Why did Mr Chappell’s family have to insist on an investigation in the first instance, when the Hospital had reported his death to the Coroner and Police as suspicious, and particularly when there had been police involvement?

How does one suffer significant wounds and injuries on BOTH sides of face and central face from a standing fall on flat ground, as the authorities would have one think was the case?? A fractured sternum, two black eyes, bleeding from ears, nose and mouth, lettered imprints… It’s totally disgusting for them to sweep it under!

GMPolice have acted inappropriately re. matters of a Right of Way dispute that had been ongoing and which should have been allowed to be heard at County Court (Mr Chappell and his wife listed it for hearing) but instead it was thwarted by officers with a personal ‘interest’ in privatising communal rights. Was the altercation on the day of his death related? Mr Chappell was found at the end of the walkway and this said path was his only means of getting out due to restrictions of his disability.

The path is at the rear of the property and is the only way out at the back door, it is a right of way access, with a right to pass and re-pass as documented on the property deeds.




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