Monday, May 16, 2011

Police protecting Britains paedophiles...

10 April 2011 UPDATE  - Police violently attacked heavily pregnant Vicki Haigh 4 days ago

Most disturbingly, in 2009, Vicky's 7 year old daughter, "R", had given clear evidence of sexual abuse from her father to the incompetent police, in two video interviews but the police overrode the child's testimony, in favour of the paedophile.  Initially, the father had to have 'supervised contact visits' with his daughter, and for good reason.  Steps were even being taken to criminally prosecute him, but mysteriously, and all of a sudden, the psychologist and other "care workers' who supported the conviction of the paedo father, were all taken off the Case !  They disappeared, and a new CAFCASS "guardian" was appointed, clearly siding with the paedo father.  
Poor Vicky Haigh is being criminally persecuted by the Doncaster Police.  They violently arrested her for allegedly "breaching a non-molestation order" which was wrongly brought against her before Xmas 2010, instead of being bought against unconvicted paedophile David Tune, her ex-husband who had viciously turned the tables on Vicky in order to defend his guilt.  The apparent stupidity of both the police and the Doncaster Social Services appears to know no bounds:  not even once have they stopped to think what they are doing, nor WHY! The cruelty and inhumanity of these people beggars belief.  What if it were THEIR child at stake ?