Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trevor Chappell: Once more we find suspicious police behaviour...

Some Questions Which Remain Unanswered
Below are some questions posted to @ IPCC as follow up to letters sent:
Heart Failure certainly does not cause (as indicated by GMPolice) what Mr Chappell suffered: i.e. lettered imprints on forehead, face black and blue, black eyes, severely swollen head and face, swollen lips, disfigured nose, fractured sternum, obstructed airway , cuts and bruises on both sides of face, central and forehead. This list is not extensive…… Please ensure that answers which make sense are given in explanation so that the family may work towards finding closure!

Photographs are available of the wounds and injuries that Mr Chappell suffered and resulted in his death. Why have the injuries not all been logged, as they should be in an investigation into suspicious death??

GMPolice were in attendance prior to his death but the records no longer exist apparently?

Why is there no official documentation of the police entering Mr Chappell’s home, nor of all what was taken by them? All the family are aware of is of returned exhibits (including medication taken from his home), recorded by an officer who has been unavailable to speak?

All unanswered issues need to be given regard. Also, Why is the Police Officer unavailable??