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St. Vitus Day 2012: police brutality and violations of human rights of Serbs in Kosovo

Police 'corruption allegation' files passed to CPS

Police watchdog passes files of corruption allegations against two senior police officers to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Cleveland police chiefs arrested over corruption claims
The Chief Constable of Cleveland and Sean Price and Deputy Chief Constable Derek Bonnard Photo: PA/NORTH NEWS
The two officers were arrested on August 3 last year and an investigation led by Warwickshire Police named Operation Sacristy began.
The investigation into alleged corruption has seen both senior officers launch legal claims that they were wrongfully arrested. Both men strongly deny any wrong-doing.
In a statement shortly after their cases were referred to the CPS, Mr Price said: ''I am sure the public are concerned that we have been suspended on full pay for such a long time with no criminal charges being brought.
''I share that concern and frustration. I would much rather be back doing the job I love.''
Mr Bonnard said: ''I am determined to clear my name and return to work.
''I am at a loss as to why it is taking so long to deal with the criminal investigation.''
The IPCC said in a separate statement that the file it has passed on ''relates to conduct allegations made against Chief Constable Sean Price and Deputy Chief Constable Derek Bonnard''.

It added: ''The investigation was conducted under IPCC management by Keith Bristow, Director General (Designate) of the National Crime Agency.

''Mr Bristow is continuing with his separate criminal investigation, Operation Sacristy, into allegations against Mr Price, Mr Bonnard and others.

''In addition, an IPCC independent investigation into conduct allegations that Mr Price used undue influence to have an individual appointed to a role within the force has concluded and the report has been forwarded to Cleveland Police Authority.''

57 Deaths In U.K. Prisons Through Out The Year 2011.

THERE were 57 apparently self-inflicted deaths among prisoners in England and Wales in 2011, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said.

The figure was down one on 2010, but the MoJ said there were 20 unclassified deaths where it had not yet been possible to determine cause of death and therefore classify it as apparently self-inflicted, natural causes or other non-natural.

There also remain seven unclassified deaths from 2010.

Self-inflicted deaths include all deaths where it appears that a prisoner has acted specifically to take their own life. About 80% of these deaths receive a suicide or open verdict at inquest.
Prisons minister Crispin Blunt said: “Every death in prison is a tragedy, and affects families, staff and other prisoners deeply.

“I would like to acknowledge the efforts of those who work in our prisons and those who care for the most vulnerable prisoners.

“The continued reduction in the number of self-inflicted deaths in our prisons is welcome news. This is testament to the good work being done by staff in our prisons.

“The Government remains fully committed to reducing deaths in custody

Officer Walks After Shooting To Death Handcuffed Suspect.


Still, the three responding officers should have given the agitated Marino more than five minutes to calm down, and should have taken the 5-foot-6, 160-pound man to a safer spot to subdue him, Heckler said. In addition, the senior officer should not have walked away from the scene at such a critical time.

Marino's family, in a statement issued by their lawyer, said it was not its place to second-guess Heckler's decision not to file criminal charges against the officers.

"However, the undisputed fact remains that an unarmed young man, in the throes of mental illness, was shot with his hands cuffed behind his back, with three police officers on the scene," the family said. "We intend to continue pursuit of all remedies the law provides, with the goal of securing justice for the death of our son, and reforming the procedures of the Perkasie police to prevent such senseless tragedies in the future."

Marino was shot once in the chest after kicking two of the officers, incapacitating one and dazing the other, according to a 10-page report of the investigation by county detectives.
Officer Seth Mumbauer, reeling from kicks to his head and groin and fearing Marino would grab his service revolver, shot Marino at close range, according to the report.

Based on Heckler's statement at a news conference in his Doylestown office and on the investigation report, Marino had a history of mental illness. He lived with his sister, Amber Simione, who was away that weekend. She had told a neighbor that "Mike has not been taking his medication" and that the neighbor should call police if he saw "Mike acting strange." more

Debra Glass: Commissioner And Deputy Chair of IPCC under criminal investigation for Perverting Course of Justice Crime Ref CRIS 2314237/12

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