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#Met Police spokesman on 2 arrests over computer hacking: 'These arrests are not directly linked to any news organisation' - Independent

I was hoping it would be Clarence Mitchell , if anyone deserves to be in jail it is he ! AND ALL bent cops at Leicester police who held back paedophile information in the McCann case to save the reputation of a few scrawny necked NHS doctors.

Monday, February 20, 2012

MET: Bent Cop's Under Cover Allegations Of Wrong Doing Remain Under Wraps

The authorities are saying precious little about the latest allegations of wrongdoing to hit the police over their long-running operation to infiltrate and disrupt political groups.

The new allegations came to light when an official police watchdog published a report into the undercover policing controversy earlier this month.

It seems that the police could have been running their operations unlawfully over a five-year period, but the details are so far vague.

Officially, it is admitted that the allegations relate to "potential issues of authorisation between 2000 and 2005 under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act".

That 2000 act was introduced to govern the way surveillance is conducted in this country and regulates how undercover officers are deployed.

For instance, police need to get authorisation under the act from a superintendent or higher rank before an undercover officer is sent out into the field.

We would of course be interested to hear more details of these allegations if anyone cares to let us know.

The allegations came to the notice of Sir Dennis O'Connor, the head of Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) when he was looking at the Mark Kennedy controversy.
He decided that there were of sufficient concern to bring them to the attention of the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

However there is a fear that the allegations could disappear into a dark void. The IPCC has not been moved to launch an investigation into the allegations.

Instead Moir Stewart, the IPCC's director of investigations (after 33 years in the Metropolitan Police), has asked Scotland Yard to "consider whether the matters raised" by O'Connor are "referable" - in other words, serious enough to require the IPCC to investigate.

So it seems that the public has to trust the Met to own up and tell the IPCC if anything wrong has happened here.

Fat Chance !

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another Black Youth Shot By The MET - To Taser Him Was NOT Enough They Had To ALSO Shoot Him !

Police shooting leaves man in critical condition

Police say man threatened officers with bladed weapon after callout to reports of attempted car break-in in south-east London

A man is in a critical condition after being shot by police in south-east London on Sunday, Scotland Yard said.

Police said armed officers were sent to Forest Hill after the man threatened police with "a large bladed weapon".

A Met police spokesman said the man was shot using a Taser and firearms. He is in a "critical but stable" condition at King's College hospital, south London.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is investigating. A spokesman said the man, in his early 20s, was originally from Ghana but now lives in Forest Hill.

"The IPCC have deployed its on-call team and has decided this incident should be investigated independently," the spokesman said.

IPCC commissioner Mike Franklin said it would examine the circumstances leading up to the shooting: "This young man is receiving medical attention and his condition is described as critical. His family have been informed."

Police said officers were called at around 5.40am on Sunday following reports from the public that a man was attempting to break into a car.

A Met spokesman said that when police arrived a man threatened them with a large bladed weapon. "The officers retreated and called for further units to assist including firearms officers. The man then approached officers threatening them with the weapon."

A police spokesman said "a number of knives" were found at the scene and added that officers were meeting the local community to ensure "they are aware of the facts of this incident".

Deep Police CORRUPTION Within The MET - How Power Corrupts

Monday, February 13, 2012

#ChildAbuse Cover-Up : The Metropolitan Interim Police Report

Operation Rectangle

A report so sensitive and secret. A report that would be very difficult to redact according to Senator Le Marquand. So sensitive is this report that not even the then Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis was shown it - before or after suspending the Chief of Police. Having now read the Met 'Interim' Report I cant help thinking that David Warcup wrote his letter once it had arrived.

THE WARCUP LETTER The Met came in and carried out a Review, a common practice that happens up and down the UK. These are conducted in an open and transparent way. 'Hindsight' is always at the forefront of these reviews and is one of the major reasons they are never ever used for disciplinary or suspension actions against the investigating force. more

MET Corruption On McCann Review - There Is No Review Just A Few Bent Coppers Shuffling Paper!

by: Paula Oliveira

The English police are investigating the disappearance of Maddeleine McCann without the assistance of Portuguese authorities. This information has been confirmed to TVI24 by the [Portuguese] Republic's Attorney General.

Three Scotland Yard investigators were in Barcelona between the 23rd - 25th of November, following leads in the disappearance of the English child that disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, in 2007. The presence of investigators in Spain may indicate that the child was taken across the border. But  Scotland Yard did not contact the Portuguese investigators.

In the process, there is no knowledge of the existence of any new data/facts about Maddie's disappearance.

The process will only be reopened under the regulations of article 279 of the Penal Process Code, which is to say, if any new elements appear that invalidate the basis for the archiving», the Attorney General's Office states in a written reply to TVI24.

The case was archived by the Attorney General's Office approximately one year ago, Pinto Monteiro [the Attorney General] asserted that he would only reopen it if new data appeared.

In May last year, Scotland Yard reopened the process after the personal intervention of the United Kingdom's prime minister, David Cameron.

It is not known whether the British investigators have discovered any new fact that the Portuguese police failed to notice.

In August this year, Scotland Yard confirmed to [Portuguese news] agency Lusa that they did travel to Portugal in order to discuss the Maddie case with Portuguese investigators.

At that time, the Judiciary Police (PJ) and the Attorney General said they did not know about that information.

Scotland Yard did not have any contact with the Attorney General's Office about that issue.
in: TVI24, 06.12.2011

Source : Missing Madeleine Forum

Lynette White Case : Cost Nearly £10m In Legal Aid

Leicester & MET Corruption : It Takes An American Criminal Profiler To Search For The Truth In McCann Whitewash!

David Cameron has given the order to cover it up but Pat Brown has her own ideas on what really happened to 3 year old Maddie McCann and she has no intention of covering it up.

Kingston Hospital - MET Corruption Prevents Solving Text Book Case !

If things were different and we had a police force we could trust ,the most obvious way to flush out the McCanns would be through Dr. Matthew Oldfield . Oldfield would be my prime suspect, if, that is I believed the McCanns alleged abduction, but to believe them I would need proof and as there is not a shred of evidence I would insist on a reconstruction (police terms not McCanns) as the only way to prove to me there was indeed a window of opportunity. BUT we all know a reconstruction is out of the question ,so to keep it simple  I would pile the pressure on Oldfield.

I would be interested to know if Matthew was aware that the last person to see a victim alive in most cases ,not all , became a suspect ?  depending on his response I would then question him indepth and watch very closely his body language as I waited for his answer as to why he refused in all three statements to have seen Madeleine on his 9.30 check ! afterall that is why he was there , to check on the children!

If I was not satisfied with his answers I would charge him as a suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, he would of course be released on bail. I would then wait to see if OLDFIELD is prepared to go down for his very good friends the McCanns. But as I said it is a great shame Scotland Yard are so corrupt.....

Corrupt Scotland Yard Has Lived In The Pocket Of Murdoch For Years - Trevor Kavanagh Playing The DUMB Card !

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Corrupt MET Are They Cleaning Up their Act? Cries Of Witch -Hunt As Scotland Yard Do Their Job Without It Would Appear Murdochs Hush Money!

Lets not get too excited, the corrupt coppers are the ones doing the investigating !

by Brian Cathcart

There is fury and fear among Sun staff after the latest round of arrests by police investigating the alleged corruption of public servants by journalists, and there is more widespread alarm about the future of the press. Where will this end? Will other papers close, as the News of the World did? Is the baby of free expression about to go down the plughole with the murky bathwater of journalistic misconduct?

The anxiety is likely to increase as Rupert Murdoch visits London this week. Though he has said he has no intention of closing the Sun, he is not (how to put this?) a man distinguished by the rigid keeping of his word. It is easy to see why nerves are frayed.

But the picture is not as bleak as some fear, and News International and the Metropolitan Police are only doing what they have to do in a society ruled by law. (We need to note, too, that nobody has been charged with anything.)
It is only a few months since News International was rightly lambasted for covering up evidence of, and information about, potentially criminal activities. That material, about phone hacking, had to be dragged out of the company, notably by civil litigants who for the most part have now settled their cases.
If, as now seems to be the case, the company is now diligently searching its databases and handing everything suspicious that it finds to the police, then we should be grateful. Nor can we complain that junior figures are suffering the consequences while the top brass are spared: those arrested (and bailed) are for the most part big hitters.

As for the Met, it is doing its job. It may well be doing it with a special zeal, in response to criticisms about a previous absence of zeal, but we can hardly complain about that either. And it is not as though it can make up new laws. Where they have information about possible breaches of the law the police are supposed to investigate, question, search and so forth, and that is what they are doing more

Ireland : Mr Justice Carney - Gang Raped And Terrified CRUEL Judge Has Victim Jailed ! Her Alleged Rapists Are Free To Rape Again OR Worse Go After Their Accuser And Finish The Job

A woman who alleged she was gang raped while pregnant was arrested and imprisoned during the trial because she refused to give evidence, it can now be revealed.

During the trial the eastern European woman was made stand directly in front of the three accused and identify each one, a highly unusual practice. The next day she left a note for her partner saying she was so terrified she could not face coming to court again.
When gardai tracked her down she was rushed to hospital after they found she had taken sleeping pills along with half a bottle of vodka.

The trial was abandoned and she was brought before the court the next day in custody. She was kept in the holding cells for the day until a jury could be sworn in for a second trial.
Last Wednesday the three men accused of raping her were acquitted by a jury after a two-week trial. The arrest of the woman could not be reported at the time because of the risk of prejudicing the proceedings.

During the trial it was alleged the woman, who was three months pregnant at the time of the alleged rape, had vodka poured over her face, before the men took it in turns to rape her.

She also claimed she had been urinated on and locked in a wardrobe.

On the first day of evidence the woman was telling the court that she was trapped inside a wardrobe by some of the men before being taken downstairs and raped.

There was some confusion in the Central Criminal Court as she tried to explain which of the men had done this to her. Mr Justice Paul Carney interrupted and told her she would have to go to the dock and point the men out. The visibly terrified woman was made stand in front of the accused men.

After evidence finished for the day, a barrister in the case said privately that he was sure the woman was going to collapse during the ordeal.

The woman, who now has an infant child, was due to continue her evidence the following morning. However when the court sat, Mr Justice Carney was told by prosecuting counsel that she could not be found and a warrant was requested for her arrest.

Garda Stephen Kenny explained that they called at the woman's home at 8.30am and were told by her boyfriend that he woke up to find a note from her.

"Don't be mad, I can't go today," the note read. "I'm terrified. I love you. I will be with my friends."

Mr Justice Carney issued a warrant for her arrest and ordered that no discretion be used when executing it.

"If she has to spend a long time in prison herself waiting for a re-trial that's her fault," he commented.

Mr Justice Carney then told the jury: "The lady has chosen not to present herself today. I have issued a warrant for her arrest. There are three other cases awaiting trial. I don't have the mechanism to put you into cold storage so I will discharge you."

The next day Gda Kenny told the court that his colleagues had returned to the woman's house the previous evening and found her in a drowsy state.

She had drank half a bottle of vodka with an overdose of sleeping tablets and was rushed to hospital.

At this stage the accuseds' defence counsel raised the issue of bail.

Gda Kenny said he had serious concerns about them being released as they were considered a flight risk. Mr Justice Carney interrupted, noting there was still an outstanding warrant for the woman's arrest.

Bail was refused for the men and the case was adjourned until the next morning. The woman was taken from hospital and brought before the court by gardai. The judge was told that she had been discharged from hospital and deemed fit to give evidence.

Mr Justice Carney ordered that she be held in custody until she finished giving her evidence. She was taken down to the holding cells below the court where her alleged attackers were being held. A source in the prison service insisted that the parties were kept separate at all times.

The woman spent the day in the cells until 2pm when Gda Kenny told Mr Justice Carney that he believed she would still turn up if she was released. Mr Justice Carney agreed to release her.

Ellen O'Malley Dunlop of the Rape Crisis Centre criticised a trial process as making the complainants "feel they are the ones on trial and not the accused".

"This system in our opinion is very imbalanced and needs radical reform. As a result Ireland has one of the highest attrition rates for rape and sexual assault cases in Europe," she said.

"One of the main reasons for this high fallout rate is because complainants decide not to put themselves through what they say is a re-victimising experience of a court process."

- Conor Gallagher
Originally published in

Corrupt MET - American Criminal Profiler Pat Brown Now ALSO Working On The McCann Case - Some Sound Advice For The MET - And Pat Has Dealt With Hundreds Of Faked Abductions In Her Time !

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
Monday, October 8, 2007

A short time ago, I made a suggestion that the British police might investigate the McCann's residence (and the residences of friends and family of the McCanns) for the possibility that the body of Madeleine McCann might have been transported into England. Some folk immediately labeled the theory ridiculous, or ludicrous, as the McCanns would say. How, they asked, could the McCanns carry a putrefying and decaying body in a suitcase and get it on and off of an airplane? I understand that this sounds mighty foolish to many who don't work in the field of criminal investigation and profiling and they think Pat Brown is a nutcase par excellence!

Let me clear up a few misconceptions: first of all, it is a theory, not a fact. Secondly, a theory is useful to stimulate investigative avenues not yet thought of that might lead to evidence that would otherwise have been overlooked. Third, offering one theory does not mean it is the only theory or even the best theory. It is far more likely that Madeleine's body is somewhere underground in Portugal or Spain or in the ocean. These are simpler places to bury a body. It may be that the body has just not yet been discovered. This is very often the case; while rumors and theories abound about white slavery and porn rings and sightings are made of the victim all over the world, the body of the poor thing has simply been lying in a ravine for the past few months! Sometimes bodies fall into strange and difficult places or are well-buried for years. Then, one day a jogger trips over the body or a farmer turns over some soil to plant his corn, and, voila! The victim has been found.

Maddy McCann will likely be found in a similar way (unless someone did one heck of a job of hiding her). Whether a child predator took Maddy or the parents did her in, she will probably one day just be found. However, there is nothing wrong with being proactive and trying to find her sooner than later. Therefore, the police should follow all leads and theories. IF they find her sooner, than not all the evidence with the body or within the body will have been destroyed by time and nature.

So, search in Portugal and Spain and any other place one can think of. And, yes, search in England: Maddy just might be there.

Would it really be possible for one of the McCanns to cart the body of their daughter back to England? Yes, absolutely. Because of the climate in Portugal, it is possible that should they have buried Maddy in a shallow grave in a sandy substrate, her body would have mummified. Mummification is a desiccation of the corpse where the fluids drain into the ground and the rest of the body dries up. There is relatively little odor associated with a mummified body.

If this occurred, the body would be easier to transport; it would be lighter and drier and lacking the horrible smell of a corpse. Such a body could easily be placed in a sealed bag and placed in a suitcase. Screening of stowed luggage is not likely to uncover a body inside of a suitcase and when the traveler reaches the other end and goes through customs, they enter the "Have nothing to declare line," and just walk through (unless they exhibit concerning behavior that raises a red flag and launches a search of the luggage). As to the McCanns, I seriously doubt they were searched upon arrival, not with all the press surrounding them and the mass of curious onlookers, reporters, and VIPS lurking about.

IF the McCanns were involved and IF Maddy's body was brought home, when this would have happened is another question. Unfortunately, only those inside the organization would (we hope) know the truth about the McCann's movements. For example, Gerry McCann returned to England on June 19, just four days after an exhaustive search for Madeleine was called off. This search was in an arid, desolate area (the kind of climate which might encourage the mummification of a body) near a town called Odiaxere. A letter from an unknown sender had stated she could be found there in a shallow grave. Four days later, Gerry is on a plane home. I don't know if he took any luggage with him, anything more than a rucksack (which I don't know the size of). He only stayed for the day, purportedly to attend some meetings. He claims he had his wallet stolen while getting money from an ATM and later that evening, the wallet was mailed back to him. A rather peculiar story that I wonder might not be a cover for the reason he was late to his meetings; he ostensibly spent the time calling credit card companies to cancel his credit cards.

If I were the police investigator, I would follow up this lead. I would want to know what luggage Gerry took with him to England. I would try to see if there was any proof to the wallet theft story. I would find out if he had any "alone" time on the trip. I would find out if he made those phone calls to the credit card companies and if he really got money from an ATM. I would find out exactly where he was that day through any evidence of his movements (phone call tracking, receipts, witnesses, etc.). I would want to know if anyone met him, especially anyone who he could have transferred a package from one suitcase to another.

I would check all the McCann trips and look for possibly ways for them to transport a body away from Portugal. And, again, I would look for all possible places within Portugal or neighboring countries as possible places to hide or bury a body. I would check the possibility of a burial at sea.

If I were the Portuguese police, I would be following all leads, even those that lead away from the McCanns. It never hurts to be thorough. The point is to recover Madeleine, dead or alive, and bring justice to those that hurt her. In the end, it doesn't matter which theory is correct (except as an educational tool for future investigations). It only matters that the case is solved.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Corrupt Scotland Yard - Are They Leaking Information To Kate McCann On Her' Faked Abduction Review' For Her New Book ? McCann Is STILL A Prime Suspect In Her Daughters Disappearance And The MET Are Keeping Her Informed According To Richard Desmond !!!!!!


Kate McCann is working on an updated paperback version of her best-seller, Madeleine

Sunday February 12,2012
By Sunday Express reporter

KATE McCann is working on an updated paperback version of her best-selling hardback book, Madeleine, writes Tracey Kandohla.

It is thought the new book, set to be published in the spring, will include details about the Scotland Yard review of her daughter’s kidnapping.

It will be published shortly before the fifth anniversary of three-year-old Madeleine’s disappearance in Portugal on May 3, 2007. The hardback raised £2million for the Madeleine Fund. More than 280,000 sold in Britain. Thousands more have been sold around the world in countries such as Australia, Spain and Portugal.

Kate hopes the paperback will be a hit with British holidaymakers over the summer. Kate, 43, a doctor, said: “Somebody holds that key piece of the jigsaw. I am hopeful that this book may help the investigation. It might prompt someone who has relevant information, maybe without even knowing it, to come forward.”

Her publisher Alison Barrow, from Transworld said: “Kate’s first book was a phenomenal success. It achieved astounding sales, especially for a first-time author, and it was the number one book in Britain for weeks.

We just hope Kate’s original book and her new book bring her one step closer to finding her daughter

Kate McCann's publisher

“We just hope Kate’s original book and her new book bring her one step closer to finding her daughter.”

The 384-page hardback, was launched on Madeleine’s eighth birthday on May 12 last year.

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Police Corruption - Performing Oral Sex With A Prostitute Whilst Wearing A Police Uniform Should be A Crime - But Hey This Is England - The Land Of No Law Or Order


Investigating police corruption is a difficult task given that all the levers of the State are in place to protect the police and that includes the largely tame press. And the IPCC whitewash brigade can never be trusted to expose police corruption.

In 2005, I approached Mahzer Mahmood, who had a ‘reputation’ as the number one investigative journalist in Britain.

An old contact Dan Evans worked at the NOTW and he had provided me with first rate information when he worked for the Sunday Mirror in June 2003.
There was much at stake and approaching the NOTW was a risk but it had to be taken in the public interest. There was only one way to ascertain if the rumours were true…

I called on Maz Mahmood with a view to exposing the police corruption. Given the sex angle to the story, I reasoned The Screws would bite. Mahmood was interested and delegated his colleague Kishan to do the leg work. His policy was to minimise contact in the event things went tits up forgive the more

Corrupt #ScotlandYard Refused Opportunity To Cover - Up Azelle Rodney Fatal Shooting

Azelle Rodney Azelle Rodney was sitting in the back of a car when police opened fire

Related Stories

Scotland Yard has lost a court bid for firearms officers to be allowed to give evidence from behind a screen at an inquiry into a fatal police shooting.
Police lawyers had asked the High Court to quash the inquiry chairman's refusal to allow them to be screened from view.

Azelle Rodney, 24, was in a car when an officer fired in Edgeware, north London, in April 2005.

The High Court ruled only the officer who fired the shots could be screened, not the 13 other officers involved.

Police said the officers were fearful of potential "revenge attacks".

Scotland Yard barrister Jason Beer QC said showing the officers could expose them to potential harm, and jeopardise future police work.

He said the public inquiry's chair, retired High Court judge Sir Christopher Holland, had failed to consider the officers' rights under the European Convention on Human Rights when he ruled at a preliminary hearing last month that they had to give evidence in public.

But Lord Justice Laws and Mr Justice Simon agreed that Sir Christopher's ruling was correct and the inquiry should be "as public as possible" more

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Understanding Police Drug Dogs - How Not To Get Busted

Barry Cooper used to be a top-ranking narcotics interdiction agent and police drug dog trainer, but he turned against the drug war when he realized prohibition was a failure. Here, he offers an insider look at police-canine relationships, and explains how drug dogs find marijuana.

The world of police canines (K-9s) has been shrouded in secrecy and mythology since the first drug-smelling pooch was released to battle drugs in 1969. Authoritarian and tyrannical governments have used highly trained search dogs since the Nazi regime. This article is the first in depth report made available to the public to help lift this heavily guarded shroud, and in it you will learn:

• Why dogs are the preferred law enforcement animals for detecting odors
• Exactly how drug dogs are trained to seek out and find marijuana
• Critical errors made by K-9 teams
• How police manipulate dogs to false alert in order to conduct a vehicle more

Police Brutality All Star Video has over 30,000 views on YouTube in less than one month

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Chemical Weapons To Be Used On Those Who Protest ?

Leading neuroscientists believe that the UK Government may be about to sanction the development of nerve agents for British police that would be banned in warfare under an international treaty on chemical weapons.
A high-level group of experts has asked the Government to clarify its position on whether it intends to develop "incapacitating chemical agents" for a range of domestic uses that go beyond the limited use of chemical irritants such as CS gas for riot control.

The experts were commissioned by the Royal Society, the UK's national academy of sciences, to investigate new developments in neuroscience that could be of use to the military. They concluded that the Government may be preparing to exploit a loophole in the Chemical Weapons Convention allowing the use of incapacitating chemical agents for domestic law enforcement.

The 1993 convention bans the development, stockpiling and use of nerve agents and other toxic chemicals by the military but there is an exemption for certain chemical agents that could be used for "peaceful" domestic purposes such as policing and riot control.

The British Government has traditionally taken the view that only a relatively mild class of irritant chemical agents that affect the eyes and respiratory tissues, such as CS gas, are exempt from the treaty, and then only strictly for use in riot control.

But the Royal Society working group says the Government shifted its position to allow the development of more severe chemical agents, such as the type of potentially dangerous nerve gases used by Russian security forces to end hostage sieges. "The development of incapacitating chemical agents, ostensibly for law-enforcement purposes, raises a number of concerns in the context of humanitarian and human-rights law, as well as the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC)," the report says.

"The UK Government should publish a statement on the reasons for its apparent recent shift in position on the interpretation of the CWC's law enforcement position." The Royal Society group points to a 1992 statement by Douglas Hogg, the then Foreign Office Minister, who indicated that riot-control agents were the only toxic chemicals that the UK considered to be permitted for law-enforcement purposes. But in 2009 ministers gave a less-restrictive definition suggesting the use of "incapacitating" chemical agents would be permitted for law-enforcement purposes as long as they were in the categories and quantities consistent with that permitted purpose.

Professor Rod Flower, a biochemical pharmacologist at Queen Mary University of London, said the latest scientific insights into human brain is leading to novel ways of degrading human performance using chemicals.

Monday, February 6, 2012

#Essex #Leicester #MET Police : Are They Investigating The Death Of Madeleine McCann ?-And Have No Doubt -She IS Dead.

It Would Appear It Has Taken An American Criminal Profiler To Try And Find A Three Year Old Justice - JUSTICE That She Truly Deserves - A Decent Burial that IS All Anyone Has Ever Wanted - AND For Her Parents To Be Seriously Questioned WITHOUT Political Interference !

#MET #Corruptiom : Helping The Cops

#Corrupt #ScotladYard:The #MET Deeply Involved In The McCann Cover Up Gave The Express This Week-End PR Spin On The Tapas 7 To Cover The BIG News.

American Criminal Profiler Pat Brown on her way to Portugal to delve into the death of Madeleine McCann and try to discover why the British Goverment helped a couple of fraudulent doctors cover it up and claim an abduction without a shred of evidence. Also discussion's on why Leicester police held onto paedophile allegations by one NHS doctor against another when a three year old child was missing! The burning question, in England, does a child have any right to justice ? Or, is it a question of who you know that enables one to dispose of their child's body if her fathers friends are Freemasons, doctors and paedophiles, Scotland Yard, is that how they run their force ?

Do the NHS  employ doctors who are paedophiles and when discovered do Scotland Yard cover it up?