Friday, February 10, 2012

Police Corruption - Performing Oral Sex With A Prostitute Whilst Wearing A Police Uniform Should be A Crime - But Hey This Is England - The Land Of No Law Or Order


Investigating police corruption is a difficult task given that all the levers of the State are in place to protect the police and that includes the largely tame press. And the IPCC whitewash brigade can never be trusted to expose police corruption.

In 2005, I approached Mahzer Mahmood, who had a ‘reputation’ as the number one investigative journalist in Britain.

An old contact Dan Evans worked at the NOTW and he had provided me with first rate information when he worked for the Sunday Mirror in June 2003.
There was much at stake and approaching the NOTW was a risk but it had to be taken in the public interest. There was only one way to ascertain if the rumours were true…

I called on Maz Mahmood with a view to exposing the police corruption. Given the sex angle to the story, I reasoned The Screws would bite. Mahmood was interested and delegated his colleague Kishan to do the leg work. His policy was to minimise contact in the event things went tits up forgive the more