Monday, February 6, 2012

#Corrupt #ScotladYard:The #MET Deeply Involved In The McCann Cover Up Gave The Express This Week-End PR Spin On The Tapas 7 To Cover The BIG News.

American Criminal Profiler Pat Brown on her way to Portugal to delve into the death of Madeleine McCann and try to discover why the British Goverment helped a couple of fraudulent doctors cover it up and claim an abduction without a shred of evidence. Also discussion's on why Leicester police held onto paedophile allegations by one NHS doctor against another when a three year old child was missing! The burning question, in England, does a child have any right to justice ? Or, is it a question of who you know that enables one to dispose of their child's body if her fathers friends are Freemasons, doctors and paedophiles, Scotland Yard, is that how they run their force ?

Do the NHS  employ doctors who are paedophiles and when discovered do Scotland Yard cover it up?