Monday, February 13, 2012

Kingston Hospital - MET Corruption Prevents Solving Text Book Case !

If things were different and we had a police force we could trust ,the most obvious way to flush out the McCanns would be through Dr. Matthew Oldfield . Oldfield would be my prime suspect, if, that is I believed the McCanns alleged abduction, but to believe them I would need proof and as there is not a shred of evidence I would insist on a reconstruction (police terms not McCanns) as the only way to prove to me there was indeed a window of opportunity. BUT we all know a reconstruction is out of the question ,so to keep it simple  I would pile the pressure on Oldfield.

I would be interested to know if Matthew was aware that the last person to see a victim alive in most cases ,not all , became a suspect ?  depending on his response I would then question him indepth and watch very closely his body language as I waited for his answer as to why he refused in all three statements to have seen Madeleine on his 9.30 check ! afterall that is why he was there , to check on the children!

If I was not satisfied with his answers I would charge him as a suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, he would of course be released on bail. I would then wait to see if OLDFIELD is prepared to go down for his very good friends the McCanns. But as I said it is a great shame Scotland Yard are so corrupt.....