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#Jersey : Bent Cops - Corrupt Politicians - The Jersey Child Abuse Scandal Starts To Unravel!

A Liar and a Crook

There was no "damning Interim Met Report".

The "document", as described - peddled - and used - by Jersey's public authorities to undermine the child abuse investigations - and suspend the Police Chief - did not more

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Damilola Taylor : The Murderer Of Damilola - Rick Preddie Has Been Released From Prison. However - The Madeleine McCann Fund Fraud Is Allowed To Continue !

#London Rife With Police Corruption - Brutality And Racism


I mentor excluded, marginalised, vulnerable teenagers in North London. I work for an organisation that enables them to achieve educational qualifications and provides pastoral care and support.

These teenagers encounter obstacle after obstacle in their development; abuse, neglect, poverty and systems that appear destined to fail them. I’ve worked as a mentor for three years and I have no doubt that in relation to young black males, the police are an equally obstructive obstacle.

My father was a victim of racist treatment by the police when he arrived in England from Lebanon in the 1970s. I will never forget the raw anger and emotion in his voice as he described his experiences. My parents lived through the Broadwater Farm riots in the 1980s and educated me on the wider context of police racism.

I grew up in Edmonton and a significant number of my friendship group were black. We were subjected to dehumanising and disrespectful stop and search exercises on a regular basis. These were not intelligence-led exercises, nor were they random stops. They were deliberately targeting young black males because of their race. It was no coincidence that when I went out without my black friends, I had significantly less contact with the more

#Leeds: James Hughes Former Police Officer Charged Over Alleged Crime Scene Thefts.

A FORMER police officer has been charged in connection with the alleged theft of thousands of pounds from crime scenes.

James Hughes, who has resigned his position with West Yorkshire Police, is also charged in relation to alleged misuse of personal data held on police files.
Mr Hughes, 31, who was based at the City and Holbeck division in Leeds, resigned as a police constable during the investigation into his alleged wrongdoing.
The charges follow an inquiry carried out by the force’s professional standards unit. It is understood part of the inquiry focused on Mr Hughes’s activities when he was gathering intelligence as part of a team investigating the vice trade and subsequent seizures of cash from proceeds of crime.
Professional standards also looked into allegations that Mr Hughes had misused personal contact data held by the West Yorkshire force to try to cultivate relationships with more

Murdered Surjit Singh Chhoker : Surjit's Family ONLY Had To Wait 14 Years Before A Prosecutor Decided To Meet With Them !

#MillyDowler:#Surrey Police Covered Up Dowler Hacking For NINE Years

Surrey Police knew for nine years that the News of the World had been hacking Milly Dowler's voicemails – and was even played a recording of one message by a journalist from the Sunday newspaper – but never took action about the law-breaking or told her anguished family.

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#BBC #Leveson And Bent Cops !

inquiry heard that spent »310K on PRIVATE DETECTIVES who may or may not have given 'brown envelopes' to bent Cops  for information!

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#MarkDuggan : Documentary - Still No Answers ?

Uploaded by on 19 Jan 2012

On the 4th August 2011 at approximately at 6pm, an incident occurred in which a young man, a father of four was gunned down by police officers. His name was Mark Duggan, 29.

Much was made of this incident, it was alleged that the victim had fired at police initially, a claim that proved to be untrue.

The police and IPCC's investigation and overall handling of the case can be questioned in a variety of ways.

The family of Mr Duggan where treated with a lack of compassion.

What followed the death of Mr Duggan was widespread riots across the UK, this enabled the media to focus away from the real issue at hand and turn their attention to the riots.

This documentary will focus solely on Mr Duggan and the suspicious events surrounding his death. In part 1 of this series we will look at the media and their handling of the case, including many interviews that they would dare not show again on TV as the true voice of the people is being spoken.

This documentary features initial news reports of the incident through to the funeral of Mr Duggan.

Nearly six months after the death of Mr Duggan there are many questions that remain unanswered.

Credits to Upshot TV for allowing the use of footage of Jahlani.

DISCLAMER: David N'Jai Media does not claim to own any footage, audio or photographs used to create this video. This is strictly for private use and cannot be copied, reproduced or sold.

Pair Deny Smiley Culture Cocaine Plot

According to The Voice, the court heard that SMILEY CULTURE, real name David Emmanuel, masterminded the drugs plot before stabbing himself with a kitchen knife while making a cup of tea during a raid in March 2011.

Footnote :  Four cops singing from the same hymn sheet and the ONLY witness is dead. The four officers involved have never been named ,nor forensics on their body reported to show possible defence marks from Smiley which I am sure there must have been!

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#Northumbria Police Community Support Officer Who Resigned After Arrest Pleads Guilty To Child Porn Charge

Jack Holmes (formerly known as Lee Wilson) who was a serving Police Community Support Officer who has admitted to owning a large collection of child pornography.
A FORMER police worker in Northumberland has pleaded guilty to downloading child pornography on his computer.
Jack Holmes, formerly known as Lee Wilson, was working as a police community support officer (PCSO) when he was arrested by colleagues in Northumbria Police.
He was found to have scores of sick pictures on computers at his home and was charged with various offences.
Now Holmes has pleaded guilty to 13 charges of making and possessing indecent pictures of children.
The 22-year-old further admitted two counts of possessing extreme pornography involving more

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Two #Lincolnshire Police Officers Arrested And Suspended On Suspicion Of Misconduct In Public Office

The two suspended officers are on police bail pending enquiries.

Misconduct in a public office relates to an officer who willfully neglects to perform their duty or abuses the public's trust.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: "Lincolnshire Police confirm that on Saturday, January, 14 2012, three Lincolnshire Police officers were arrested on suspicion of Misconduct in Public Office.

"One of the officers has since been released without charge.

"Two of the arrested officers are currently suspended from duty and on police bail pending further enquiries."

The Supreme Court LIVE - Homer (Appellant) v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police (Respondent) - UKSC 2010/0102

About This Service

On this page you can watch live the hearings of the
UK Supreme Court, the final court of appeal in the UK for all civil cases and for criminal cases from England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but not Scotland.

The courts normally sit between 10.30 am and 4 pm during legal terms.

The Supreme Court replaced the Law Lords as the highest court in the United Kingdom in October 2009. The Court hears appeals on points of law of the greatest public importance, and cases involving devolution matters in Scotland and Wales.

The Supreme Court sits in the former Middlesex Guildhall, on the western side of London's Parliament Square. The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the court of final appeal for the UK overseas territories and Crown dependencies, also sits in Supreme Court building.

The Supreme Court is the only British court where hearings are telev

ised live.

#Strathclyde Police Institutional Racism Prevented Justice For Surjit Singh Chhokar -A 32-year-old Waiter, Stabbed Through The Heart Outside His Overtown, Lanarkshire, Home In November 1998.

Strathclyde are building up`quite a little reputation.

Racist and covering up the Moira Anderson Murder/ Paedophile case

A subsequent inquiry found elements of institutional racism within Strathclyde Police and the prosecution service, with Scotland's Lord Advocate at the time admitting his office had failed Mr Chhokar's family.

#PoliceState : #PCSO's Given Powers To Stop And Search Youg People - They Do NOT Need A Reason !

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#MET Police Corruption In 2005 - Did The News Of The World Spike The Investigation ?


Investigating police corruption is a difficult task given that all the levers of the State are in place to protect the police and that includes the largely tame press. And the IPCC whitewash brigade can never be trusted to expose police corruption.

In 2005, I approached Mahzer Mahmood, who had a ‘reputation’ as the number one investigative journalist in Britain.

An old contact Dan Evans worked at the NOTW and he had provided me with first rate information when he worked for the Sunday Mirror in June 2003.
There was much at stake and approaching the NOTW was a risk but it had to be taken in the public interest. There was only one way to ascertain if the rumours were true…

I called on Maz Mahmood with a view to exposing the police corruption. Given the sex angle to the story, I reasoned The Screws would bite. Mahmood was interested and delegated his colleague Kishan to do the leg work. His policy was to minimise contact in the event things went tits up forgive the pun.

Kishan gave his surname as ‘da Silva’ but it seemed unlikely. I checked Mahmood’s background history and found a Kishan Athulathmudali. They had worked together on the Countess of Wessex story in 2001. Max Clifford was the fixer on that failed entrapment more

U.S. Police Brutality : Woman With Special Needs Punched In The Face By Cop!

#USA Police Brutality : Do The Police Lie ?

LOOK FAMILIAR ?  Take A Look At BRITISH Police Brutality !

#USA #OWS: Police Brutality - Martin Luther King Speaks Out Against Police Brutality as OCCUPY Protesters are Pepper Sprayed

Elite Law : Soon Corrupt Cops Can Kill You In Your Cell And Not Have To Answer For Their Actions - But HEY That's Already Happening Right?


The most important point is that Clarke will provide a magic cloak of protection for any minister or government agency that wishes to cover up a wrong, most significantly for members of the intelligence services. Under his law, evidence that British officials were involved in the rendition and torture of British resident Binyam Mohammed could have been suppressed. Evidence that emerged last autumn that British spies arranged the rendition of two Libyan opposition figures to Gaddafi's people for torture may not, if Clarke gets his way, be heard in an open British court, because the minister will be able to declare the material "sensitive" or "against the public interest".

Those are vague concepts. Anything can be thus defined: the death of someone in police custody, the contamination resulting from a nuclear accident, the details of a government contract, or security lapses in a government laboratory, to say little of the matter of gentlemen with Muslim names being conveyed to some fetid, bloodstained cellar. Executive accountability will be reduced, not improved.

Once Clarke's apparatus is in place, it is likely to encourage a sense of immunity in officials, possibly the idea that they are above the law. The result will be a worse-run country, where the state grows incrementally more heedless and irresponsible – exactly the argument I made against, among other things, Jack Straw's proposal for secret more

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#Merseyside Police Held Back Evidence That Might Have Cleared Eddie Gilfoyle

So, to recap, we have Leicester police holding onto a witness statement from a DOCTOR GASPAR ( for several months)with allegations of paedophilia in an 'ALL evidence pointing to the parents involvement in their daughters death'  to protect a couple of doctors with a FRAUDULENT FUND! and a diary that may have proved a man innocent. OK, got it !

#MET Police Thugs (Video) Caught In The Act Of An Assault On Alex Bryce

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#MET To 'Appear' Less Racist

The Metropolitan Police are to dramatically reduce the number of random searches on members of the public in an effort to improve relations between officers and the black and ethnic minority communities.

Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe is said to be concerned that officers are not facing enough scrutiny when they conduct random searches.

Instead police will be tasked with targeting small areas with high crime rates, and known criminals and suspects, to help increase arrests, while random Section 60 searches will be reduced.

Research conducted by the Open Society Justice Initiative and the London School of Economics in 2010 showed that there were 41.6 searches carried out under Section 60 for every 1,000 black people and 1.6 for every 1,000 white people.

The disproportionate rates of supposedly 'random' search are widely seen to have antagonised the already-strained relationship between the police and black and ethnic minority communities.

Perceived abuse of Section 60 was frequently cited as an underlying cause of last summer's more

#MET Corruption At The Highest Level


I should say I never had the tiniest bit of doubt that the institutionally corrupt Metropolitan Police would let off the security services. Nobody ever is guilty in these things. It was nobody’s fault that an unarmed and unresisting electrician was shot six times in the head as he sat on a tube train.

It was nobody’s fault the police subsequently lied about him. It is nobody’s fault that MI5 and MI6 officers were interviewing detainees with freshly mutilated genitals.

It was nobody’s fault that, when I blew the whistle on active UK complicity in torture, I was immediately suspended from duty and charged with eighteen allegations of gross misconduct, every one of which was subsequently adjudged to be false.

 It was nobody’s fault that David Kelly died a horrible, lonely and mysterious death after letting slip the truth – that there were no Iraqi WMD. It was nobody’s fault that hundreds of thousands died and trillions were squandered due to the lies officially published – by nobody’s fault – about more

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Sebastian Foster Found Dead Hanging In His Cell

Sebastian Foster, who was on remand charged with possession with intent to supply drugs, was found hanging at Hewell prison in Redditch, Worcestershire, on Friday afternoon and pronounced dead shortly after 2pm.

An investigation into the death of Foster, 33, is under way.

A Prison Service spokeswoman said: "Prisoner Sebastian Foster was found hanging by staff at HMP Hewell at approximately 1.50pm on Friday January 6 2012.

"Paramedics were called but he was pronounced dead at the prison at approximately 2.10pm.

"As with all deaths in custody, the independent Prisons and Probation Ombudsman will undertake an investigation."
A prisoner has died after being found hanging in his cell.

#MetPolice spent over 10 MILLION on artwork, gardening AND cleaning whilst cuts are made. An artist was paid 9,626 pounds to paint the ex Commissioner!

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#StephenLawrence: 96 Murders Since The Death Of lawrence

The convictions of Gary Dobson and David Norris will be bitter-sweet vindication for the family of Stephen Lawrence who have fought an 18-year campaign for justice.

No family has campaigned as this one - taking their own evidence to the police, bringing a private prosecution against the alleged killers, demanding and getting a public inquiry which culminated in landmark changes to the law and the redefining of racial incidents. And yet, despite all their efforts, the hideous fact is that since Stephen Lawrence's death, at least ninety-six people have lost their lives to racial violence - an average of five per year.

For politicians the issue has been dealt with in the Macpherson Report of 1999. However our research shows that the main parties are in denial about the extent and severity of racial violence, and interested in rightwing extremism only when it challenges them electorally.[1] And yet it is the policies and pronouncements of mainstream politicians, on a range of issues from terrorism and foreign wars to cohesion, criminality and immigration, which create the insidious popular racism in which such violence foments.
The sad fact is that such murders hardly make news. The names of victims will barely be known to any but their immediate families.

The IRR, which records all deaths with a (known or suspected) racial element[2] has found that since the death of Stephen Lawrence in 1993 that at least ninety-six people have died in such more

Police Abuse Of Stop And Search Is A Crime Says Lawrence Inquiry Adviser

Dr Richard Stone said officers who targeted suspects on grounds of their skin colour alone should be charged

Police search black youths
Police stop and search black youths at the entrance to the Notting Hill carnival as part of an initiative to combat knife crime. Photograph: Gideon Mendel/Corbil
Officers who abuse their powers of stop-and-search to further a racist agenda should be prosecuted for wasting police time, according to a member of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry panel.

Dr Richard Stone, a leading adviser to the judge who produced the landmark Macpherson report in 1999, which concluded that the Metropolitan police was institutionally racist, said officers who targeted suspects on grounds of their skin colour alone should be charged with misusing public resources.

Speaking after last week's sentencing of two of the killers of the black teenager, Stone said such a move would improve public confidence in stop and search, a police power that is under increasing scrutiny over claims of "racial profiling". He added: "It is a crime to waste police time in this country. A racist officer is an incompetent officer, and if they're wasting police time they should be charged."..readmore

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#Norfolk : 14th Century DNA Extracted From Teeth BUT No Result From A Four Month Old Corpse ?

Skull DNA fragments were extracted from teeth

The researchers extracted DNA fragments of the ancient bacterium from the teeth of medieval corpses found in London.
They say the pathogen is the ancestor of all modern plagues.
The research, published in the journal Nature, suggests the 14th Century outbreak was also the first plague pandemic in history.

Speaking at a press conference at Norfolk Police’s headquarters in Wymondham, Detective Chief Inspector Jes Fry said the decomposed state of the body had complicated efforts to compile a DNA profile.

Samples were taken from the tooth, femur and muscle of the calf to test for a DNA profile. The first two sets of tests have not yet revealed a usable DNA Profile.

Once a DNA profile has been obtained, it will be checked against the national DNA database.

If no match is found, forensic experts will take samples from tooth and hairbrushes and other personal items belonging to known missing people.

In the absence of such evidence, the force will take samples from family members.

He added that personal artefacts, including jewellery, had been recovered from the area around where the body was found.

#Sandringham : Body Found On Queen's Estate

#StephenLawrence : Police Racism Is Far From Over

Duwayne Brooks
Despite his mistreatment, Duwayne Brooks 'emerged from it all with tremendous dignity'. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian
With the passing of time, it's easy to become complacent about police racism. Nostalgic even. Ah, institutional racism: the eras of TV satires Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, when police called women slags and black people wogs. Happy days. Well no, of course not. It's worth reminding ourselves what institutional racism meant and, in some cases, still means today.

At its simplest, institutional racism – as defined by Lord Macpherson in his 1999 inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence means the treatment of people differently simply because of their colour or ethnicity.

The report's findings implied that many officers may have felt they had more in common with Clifford Norris (the gangster father of Stephen's co-murderer David Norris, who was alleged to have paid corrupt police contacts to obstruct the investigation) than with Stephen and his friend Duwayne Brooks. Institutional racism meant that, despite the fact police were given names of five suspects within 24 hours, no arrests were made for two weeks.

Worst of all, institutional racism meant that the officers on the scene could not, or would not, accept that two black boys had been attacked and one of them killed simply because they were black.

There had to be a motive – they had to be bad boys or members of a gang.

And this is when the smears began, and where we saw institutional racism at its most vile.

#Norfolk : Dead Body Found And STILL No ID - Are The Royals Above Questioning ?

The Royals did not attend Princess Diana's inquest, many thought it strange for there were plenty of questions that needed answers. Why were they not called to give evidence ? So, the question remains are the Royals above the law  ?

By Keelan Balderson

Although there’s currently no reason to suspect the Royals, the fact of the matter, is that murdered human remains have been found at the Sandringham estate, currently occupied by The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Earl & Countess of Wessex.

They were informed of the discovery on Monday night [1]. The key word here being informed. This might seem like nitpicking to some, but if human remains had been found in the garden of any regular citizen, wealthy or on a council estate, would you expect them to simply be informed, or would the occupants be brought in for questioning?

This isn’t an accusation; I doubt the Royals are stupid enough to murder somebody and bury them not far from a house they actually do reside in. They’re probably more accustomed to advanced covert ops such as the “Boston Breaks” assassination method, which may have been used on Princess Diana according to some researchers.

It’s the principal of it all. Just because they were born in to a barbaric, authoritarian, inbred family, that has pillaged and conquered the world over, who now sit comfortably on the blood money of their ancestors, while simultaneously sponging off the tax payers during a deep recession, does that mean they’re above the procedures of law?

One resident told the Telegraph:

“It is just a stone’s throw from the Stud and the Royals’ house. It is very close.”

Another stated, “It is quite a bit of a shock, given the proximity to the grounds itself. The area is really not that far from Sandringham House”.

Royal shooting parties are thought to have used the area over the Christmas break, reports the Telegraph in another article.

A Norfolk police spokeswoman said: “The body is described as a young, white, adult female, aged between 15 and 23 years old, which has been at that site for a period estimated to be between a month and up to four months.” [2]

The body was discovered shortly after the Royals attended a church service on New Year’s day. Keeping up appearances the Queen was snapped on her horse just hours after the incident, rather than being questioned or offering help to the investigators.

One recent missing person case detectives are thought to be looking at is that of a 17–year–old Latvian, Alisa Dmitrijeva, who disappeared from nearby King’s Lynn.

There were concerns for the safety of the brown–haired teenager, who lived in Wisbech, Cambs and was reported missing on Sept 6.

In October last year the remains of an obsessive stalker were found within sight of Buckingham Palace, on an island in St James’s Park.[3]

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#MET #Corruption : Top Cops Gagged - Carter Ruck Making A Fortune From Corruption In The Met

Two of Britain’s most senior police officers pocketed substantial pay-offs after resigning over the phone-hacking scandal, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Former Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson and his colleague John Yates are thought to have received up to £500,000 between them.

The cash was handed out after the pair signed gagging orders which bar them from suing the Metropolitan Police or speaking about their treatment.


Sir Paul Stephenson
John Yates
Ex-Met chief Sir Paul Stephenson (left) and former anti-terror boss John Yates (right) have signed gagging orders
The exact size of the payments, at a time of savage cuts to police budgets, was a closely guarded secret.

But speculation was mounting that the total cost to the taxpayer, including fees racked up during weeks of legal wrangling, could be as much as half a million pounds.

The pay-offs underline how the scandal plunged the Met leadership into chaos amid a flurry of revelations about their close links to News International.

The force is now braced for further criticism after the Audit Commission, a public spending watchdog, ordered a review of how the pay-offs were agreed.

Critics highlighted how both officers appeared to have been handsomely rewarded despite choosing to leave as a result of their own failings.

But supporters said the payments reflected the shambolic way in which they were treated as the force’s political leaders panicked.
They laid the blame at the door of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), London Mayor Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Theresa May.

Jenny Jones, a member of the MPA, said the payments were ‘completely wrong’.

She added: ‘When people resign they should just go, there is no question of a severance package or settlement deal.

‘They went because of their mistakes and should accept that. ‘It is wrong for any public organisation to be so secretive about something that is in the public interest and involves public money.’
Boris Johnson
Theresa May
The Metropolitan Police Authority, London Mayor Boris Johnson (left) and Home Secretary Teresa May (right) have been blamed for the payouts

The payments were agreed by lawyers at the soon-to-be-abolished MPA, which is a separate organisation from the Met. At first officials there insisted that as both officers made a ‘personal decision’ to resign they were entitled only to their pensions.

But after being confronted with evidence of ‘termination payments’ by the Mail, they were forced to admit money had been paid.

The MPA refused to reveal how much the deals were worth but said the amount will be published in its annual accounts later this year.

Sir Paul, who earned £276,000 a year, resigned after admitting taking a £12,000 five-week freebie at a luxury health spa while he recovered from a cancer scare. Difficult questions were raised after it emerged that the spa was promoted by former News of the World executive and hacking suspect Neil Wallis.

Mr Wallis was also hired as a consultant by the Met’s communications director, who remains on ‘extended leave’ over the £24,000 contract.

Mr Yates resigned from his post as Britain’s top anti-terrorism officer, with a £200,000 salary, several weeks later. He admitted being a close friend of Mr Wallis amid claims he improperly helped to secure a civilian job for the journalist’s 27-year-old daughter at Scotland Yard. Both officers were later cleared of any misconduct after an inquiry by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Mr Yates is now preparing to move to Bahrain where he will advise the Government on police reform.

A Metropolitan Police Authority spokesman said: ‘Both Sir Paul Stephenson and John Yates signed compromise agreements at the request of the Authority to prevent any future disputes.

‘Payments made and recorded in those compromise agreements were based on their contractual entitlements.’ Sir Paul and Mr Yates declined to comment.
A Met spokesman said: ‘This is entirely a matter for the Police Authority.’


#MI5 #TORY :MI5 The 'Black Ops' Outfit For The Tory Party,

An army intelligence unit was used to infiltrate civil rights groups and protest organisations after Margaret Thatcher came to power. Former soldiers claim that they were ordered to undertake the spying missions by a senior officer in the Ministry of Defence.

The activities of 20 Security Company (V) after the Tories won the 1979 election had not hitherto been revealed. Some of its members have now spoken for the first time about how the military was used against civic organisations such as the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace Pledge Union.

The revelations about the secret war against those regarded as "the enemy within" – including the use of agent provocateurs – comes at a time of increased interest in the Thatcher years with the release of The Iron Lady, starring Meryl Streep, today.

The instruction to 20 COY, a Territorial Army body which had focused on Northern Ireland, the Middle East and the British Army of the Rhine, came in a memo from a General in September 1979: "The change of government provides an excellent opportunity for the unit to play a more active role and to provide information about groups whose activities and interests are not beneficial and are opposed to the armed forces. The unit is well placed to do this because its members are civilians."

An operations room was set up at a building in north London. A former sergeant with the unit said: "The ops room's desks and walls were strewn with political newspapers, newsletters and leaflets, card collation files and annotated street maps. Those targeted were pacifists, anti-arms trade, anti-nuclear, radical and socialist organisations. So you had groups like the Peace Pledge Union, Troops Out and CND branches.

"Most of the meetings of these groups were held conveniently nearby in London like Hackney, Holborn, Camden and the well known King's Head pub in Islington."

Some of the undercover soldiers became officials in the organisations they had infiltrated, one being elected membership secretary. The former sergeant said: "On one occasion one of them was chanting anti-military slogans with a crowd opposite the entrance to the Royal Tournament at Earl's Court, while slipping away periodically to the 20 COY office inside to give updates. One hesitates to use the word 'provocateur'."

Stella Rimington, the former head of MI5, acknowledged after leaving the service that there had been "over-enthusiasm" in targeting left-wing groups during the early Thatcher years. "Files were opened on people who were not actively threatening the state."

Another former soldier of 20 COY, who now lives outside England, told The Independent: "We knew that MI5 and SB [Special Branch] were doing all kinds of things at the time. But the difference is that we were the Army, we were happy to go on undercover ops in Northern Ireland where there was a genuine terrorist threat. It simply wasn't our business to be spying on fellow citizens simply because the government did not like them.

"The thing is there were some senior people in the forces at the time who were very right-wing and they thought that Thatcher coming in gave them carte blanche to get up to all sorts of things. We heard whispers that some of these people were trying to destabilise Labour before the Tories got back in."
Sir Martin Furnival Jones, one of Ms Rimington's predecessors at MI5, had revealed that a plot against Harold Wilson's government involved senior civil servants and military officers, and the name of a major-general was given to the then Home Secretary, later Prime Minister, James Callaghan. No one was prosecuted.

 "They were" said Sir Martin, "a pretty loony crew."

#LibDem’s All Time Biggest Donor Arrested - Michael Brown

Vince Cable once attacked the “pin-striped Scargills” of banking, adding for good measure that the LibDems didn’t rely on friends in the City for funding. No, not any more.

The biggest donor in the history of the Liberal Democrat Party was one pin-striped Michael Brown, who gave them £2.4 million for a front-row seat sipping champagne next to Charlie Kennedy.  He turned out to be a pin-striped thief and was charged with money laundering, fraud and theft before he went on the run.  He has been arrested in the Dominican Republic…

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Police Standing Ovation For A Child Neglector AND Suspect In His Own Daughters Disappearance

Standing ovations and paedophile witness statements held back by the British police...the McCann's have NOT been cleared and remain suspects in their daughters death..ONLY British media hype leads the people of England to believe otherwise.

We believe that the main damage was caused to the McCann arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclarified.

Police chief is paid £150,000 to do nothing

Assistant Chief Constable John Mauger has been suspended on full pay
Assistant Chief Constable John Mauger has been suspended on full pay

A SENIOR police officer has received £150,000 of taxpayers’ money after being on gardening leave for almost 18 months.

John Mauger, assistant chief constable of Central Scotland, has been suspended on full pay since July 2010 over allegations of insubordination and inefficiency.

It is understood that Central Scotland Joint Police Board now plans to strike a deal rather than move to dismiss Mr Mauger, who has returned to his London home, which would cost even more public money.

A police source said: “A lot of board members feel that if there was a strong enough case to suspend him, there should be a strong enough case to dismiss, and put the emphasis on him to challenge the decision at tribunal.

“But the lawyers have said no. They believe there are grounds for concern and they’re looking to negotiate some kind of deal with him, which has upset some members of the board.” more

#Sandringham: No ID Yet For Young Girl's Body - GRAPHIC - Stages Of Decomposition Of A Human Corpse

Speaking at a press conference at Norfolk Police's headquarters in Wymondham, Detective Chief Inspector Jes Fry said the decomposed state of the body had complicated efforts to compile a DNA profile.

Samples taken from teeth, bone and muscle tissue have now been sent for analysis with results expected back on Monday.

He added: "Speculation about the identity of the victim is unhelpful, particularly for the families involved. We are in touch with a number of families and are particularly focused on missing persons' cases in Norfolk and neighbouring more

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Carroll Trust :Scotland Yard Corruption Fraud Case -10 Downing Street Cabinet Office - Break-Ins Burglaries Charge Sheets


Shocking new allegations unfolding in the American media reports on Britain's biggest ongoing organised crime offshore tax evasion fraud scandal took another twist with further startling revelations that have disclosed that the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP is personally deeply involved in the ongoing "obstruction and co-ordinated cover-up" attempts in the Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust Case.

Sources have confirmed that Sir Anthony Garner a close aide to Baroness Thatcher and a former Conservative Party Central Office director has been "named" in the FBI Scotland Yard Carroll Trust case files surrounding the "incorporation" of forged and falsified "dummy" State of Delaware "registered" Carroll Trust Corporations "linked" to fraudulent Revenue & Customs tax returns which impulsed this massive billion dollar offshore tax fraud crime syndicate operation which stretches the globe.

PC Jasbir Dhanda ' I Won't Arrest You If You Have Sex With Me'

PC Jasbir Dhanda pictured leaving Nottingham Crown Court. He denies misconduct in public office and misusing the police database
PC Jasbir Dhanda pictured leaving Nottingham Crown Court. He denies misconduct in public office and misusing the police database

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#SheilaFarmer :Flat Was Raided By Police In August 2010 - Case Thrown Out!

Ms Sheila Farmer has been a diabetic since childhood and is seriously ill with a malignant brain tumour.  Yet she has been charged with managing a brothel and is facing an onerous trial and criminal record. 

Ms Farmer used to work on her own but after only six months she was viciously attacked by a man who raped her repeatedly, tried to strangle her and kept her tied up for hours.  He was deported after an Old Bailey trial. Fearful of another attack, Ms Farmer vowed never to work alone. She has worked with friends for the past 17 years.... read more

#SheilaFarmer Victory :Brothel-Keeping Dismissed Today In Croydon Crown Court

Sheila Farmer, a sex worker who worked with other women from premises for safety had charges of brothel-keeping dismissed today in Croydon Crown Court. She worked with other women since being viciously raped and attacked whilst working alone.

Ms Farmer left court with over 20 supporters delighted and relieved that she no longer faces a criminal conviction and possible prison sentence. Ms Farmer suffers from severe diabetes and a malignant brain tumour. Her doctor had provided evidence that an onerous and stressful trial would have exacerbated her more

Police Trial Lie Detector Tests On Suspected Sex Offenders - NOT To Include Two Certain Doctors I Would Imagine !

The Polygraph tests monitor heart rate, brain activity, sweating and blood pressure during questioning, and were used by experts working with officers from the force’s specialist Paedophile Unit.

Suspects were probed ahead of charges being brought.

All 25 ‘low-level’ first time suspected sex offenders volunteered to co-operate with police - however evidence elicited during the examinations is not admissible in court.

Detective Chief Inspector Glen Channer from Hertfordshire Constabulary said: “The Polygraph Testing provides us with an additional tool and has cut down investigative time significantly leading to a more efficient process, often helping to identify additional offences.

“The integrity of the process is paramount and we are working with a highly credible expert in the field on this trial, Professor Grubin from Newcastle University.”

The Association of Chief Police Officers are monitoring the study and have been offering advice to the force.

However the body said the tests are in the early stages and “are by no means a single solution to solving crimes”.

“We monitor any new approaches or technology which could provide a positive benefit in helping investigate crime, support victims and put offenders before the courts,” said an ACPO spokesman.

“The ACPO Homicide Working Group provides advice to the police service on the use of polygraph techniques and will follow with interest the latest study led by Hertfordshire Constabulary.”

A further 12-month trial is expected to start in April.

#Leicester Police :High-Ranking MP From Leicester In Paedophile Allegations

Thirteen years before the Madeleine McCann story, Leicestershire Constabulary found itself in the middle of another controversial story. Greville Janner QC MP was accused of sodomising Paul Winston.

The story came out during the trial of Frank Beck in Leicester in 1994. Beck died under suspicious circumstances and Janner never had to take the stand. A booklet was produced and is reproduced below.

It is worth repeating the text because one can see many parallels between that case and the Madeleine McCann case.

There are Freemasons involved in the cover-up.

Sir David Napley of Kingsley Napley represented Janner and Michael Caplan QC of Kingsley Napley represented the McCanns soon after they fled Portugal in September 2007.

Many believe that Michael Caplan QC represented the McCanns because he had successfully defended Augusto Pinochet against extradition.

However, it is not widely known that Augusto Pinochet was a high-ranking Freemason. Of course, Janner is a Freemason as well.

This is a rather depressing story.

It shows how the establishment work and long before the Internet was as powerful as it is today we have to ask just how many stories like this have been covered up?

Former soccer star Justin Fashanu claimed to have had sex with MPs.

He ended up dead, just as Stephen Milligan MP did after allegedly trying to gag Fashanu.

It seems that politicians can evade having to face the music but rich people in the music industry are not so lucky as Jonathan King, Tam Paton and Paul Gadd have found to their cost.

Is there any wonder the McCann case is treading water?

#StephenLawrence:Jurors Did Not Know About Dobson And Norriss Violent Past

The forensic evidence – blood fibres and hair found on the clothing of the two men in the dock – was crucial, they were told.
But what the jury was not told was just as crucial in building a picture of the criminality, violence and racist nature of the two defendants and their gang of friends.
The jury did not know, for example, of multiple other attacks, some of which were racist, that Dobson, Norris and the other suspects were involved in.