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#Brighton #findnellie : Have you seen Nellie ? - new photos of missing Brighton 96-year old

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29 April 2012

Police in Brighton have today, Sunday 29 April, published two new photos of missing 96-year old Nellie Herriott. There has also been a confirmed sighting of her on Tuesday 24 April. 
She had been seen leaving the cafe at the BHS store in Churchill Square, Brighton, at about 2.25pm on Monday 23 April, and someone who knows her has now come forward in response to publicity to say they saw her on a bus in London Road, Brighton, going towards the city centre, at about 12.30pm on the following day, Tuesday 24 April.
There is increasing concern for Nellie, who lives on her own in central Brighton, and is described as white, of thin build, 4ft 9in tall, with short curly hair.
She was wearing a blue coat, a black hat, pale coloured trousers and shoes, and was carrying a beige coloured handbag. It is not known whether she had any money. Her bus pass has now been found in her flat.
The two new images are from BHS shop CCTV, showing Nellie in the BHS cafe on Saturday 21 April, two days before she was last seen, but they do show the clothing she was wearing when last seen.
Detective Constable Suzy MacLintock said; "Nellie has been a frequent visitor to the BHS CafĂ© in Churchill Square. She may have frequented other cafes, regularly uses buses in Brighton and Hove, and has travelled by bus as far as Eastbourne and Worthing in the past.
"Nellie is very vulnerable due to her age and the fact that she also suffers from Alzheimers which can cause her to become confused. It's been five days since she was last seen and despite widespread enquiries, including distribution of posters in the city, there have been no further sightings of her. We are very anxious to hear from anyone who thinks they may know where she is.
"These two latest images do give a very good indication of her fragility.
"We have already had many calls from people from people reporting possible sightings, though none have been confirmed. Many people are trying to help, and we are really grateful to everyone, but if anyone still thinks they have seen Nellie then please can they call us as soon as possible on 101, quoting reference number 1448 of 25 April."

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#MET Racism :Black fireman says he was abused and Tasered by Met

Scotland Yard refers fresh racism allegation to police complaints watchdog
Edric Kennedy-Macfoy's complaint is the 10th case involving alleged racism known to have been referred to the police watchdog in three weeks. Photograph: Casey Moore
Scotland Yard is facing a new case of alleged police racism after a black firefighter who tried to assist officers while off duty claimed he was targeted because of his skin colour, abused, assaulted and shot with a stun gun.

The complaint lodged by Edric Kennedy-Macfoy, 28, from north London, is the 10th case involving alleged racism known to have been referred to the official police watchdog in the last three weeks.

Kennedy-Macfoy was driving through Harrow around 3.30am on 4 September when he saw a young man hurl a rock at a police van. After noting a description of the young man, Kennedy-Macfoy, who also trained as a police constable, flagged down the van driver and approached a line of officers to pass the information on.

He said he was horrified at their response, which he alleges included officers behaving like "wild animals": swearing at him, dragging him from his car, subjecting him to a "violent" attack and eventually shooting him with a stun gun.

Kennedy-Macfoy was found not guilty in February of obstructing police. During a two-day trial at Brent magistrates court, Inspector David Bergum, who was present on the night, said his officers were in a "stressful" situation and had been dealing with a group of partygoers who had been throwing missiles at them.

He said of Kennedy-Macfoy: "I couldn't say he was anything to do with the party. The party was all black. He was black. He had driven through the cordon. I had to do a quick risk assessment."

Details of the inspector's comments in court were sent to the Metropolitan police's complaints department last week. The force confirmed four days later that it would refer the case to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

There are now 12 cases of alleged racism under investigation: six are being investigated internally at the Met, while the other five are being handled by the IPCC.

They include the case of Met police constable Alex MacFarlane, who discovered on Wednesday that he is to face criminal charges over a mobile phone recording which allegedly captured him racially abusing a black suspect.

Kennedy-Macfoy's complaint, which is against six police officers, brings the total number of Met officers currently under investigation for alleged racism to 26.

The firefighter, who left the Hendon police training academy after his mother became ill with cancer in 2005, said he hoped his complaint would make police "think twice" before stereotyping black men.

Although Kennedy-Macfoy has worked alongside police officers "almost every day" for six years, and has a number of close friends in the police, he said he had struggled to return to work as a firefighter since the experience.

On the night he was shot with the stun gun, he was wearing a three-piece pinstriped suit and driving a white Audi when he encountered a police roadblock and assumed there had been a road traffic accident.

In fact the police were dealing with the aftermath of a party that had been closed down, and officers had been subject to a hail of bottles and bricks. Kennedy-Macfoy had stopped behind a police van when he saw a young man pick up a rock.

"He launched it at this police van window and I was actually scared for whoever was in the police van," he said. "I knew it was occupied because the reverse lights kept on coming on and off."

The firefighter noted the man who had thrown the rock was black, wearing blue jeans, a black top and holding a red garment. When the van driver turned the vehicle, he tried to flag him down to pass on the description. According to Kennedy-Macfoy's complaint, the van driver did not let him speak, shouting: "Fuck off you prick."

When the van moved away, Kennedy-Macfoy drove to a cordon of police officers with shields further along the road. He said he pulled up by the officers for three reasons: to relay the description of the young man who had thrown the rock, request the badge number of the van driver who he alleged swore at him, so he could complain, and to ask for the quickest route home.

However, before he was able to convey the information, Kennedy-Macfoy alleges a number of officers began "hurling abuse" at him, charging at his car and grabbing him "viciously" through the windows.

He says he was dragged from the car and in the ensuing melee the officers repeatedly encircled him and shouted profanities. He said he replied calmly and showed his palms to the officers, telling them: "Listen guys, I haven't done anything wrong. I'm a firefighter – I work with you lot and I just want to explain something. I've showed no aggression toward any of you."

The fireman said he recalled police telling people who were filming the scene with their mobile phones: "Turn those fucking cameras off." He said the stun gun was discharged when he was walking backwards with his hands in the air.

In court, the police officer who discharged the weapon conceded he did not warn Kennedy-Macfoy he was about to be shot – an apparent contravention of Home Office guidelines.

Kennedy-Macfoy's complaint against police was submitted shortly after the attack. He alleged he was shot without warning and said he believed he had been targeted because of his race.

The Met should automatically refer all complaints involving the use of their Taser stun guns to the IPCC. However in Kennedy-Macfoy's case, the force decided to deal with the complaint internally for seven months. On Wednesday, following inquiries from the Guardian, and a letter from Kennedy-Macfoy's lawyers which drew attention to the evidence officers gave in court about race, the Met decided it would refer the case to the IPCC.

The Met said in a statement that it had not automatically referred the case to the IPCC due to "oversight". It added: "Such allegations are taken extremely seriously and the investigation will explore all the circumstances and evidence … As a Taser was discharged this case is a mandatory referral to the IPCC." The IPCC said it was awaiting the referral.The IPCC confirmed it had received the referral and was "assessing" the complaint.

Kennedy-Macfoy said he might not have pursued his case if police had not sought to prosecute him – a move he alleges required them to "concoct false accounts of events" to justify their actions.

"People make mistakes; you've got good cops and bad cops," he said. "People act differently under pressure. If at that point they had just said: 'Mate, so sorry – we have been dealing with this party and got it totally wrong,' I really wouldn't have pursued anything. I still would have been pissed off, but I would have accepted their apology and their acknowledgement that they had messed up."

If the attempt to prosecute Kennedy-Macfoy had succeeded he would have faced losing his job. He was acquitted on 7 February, despite the evidence against him given by several police officers.

Kennedy-Macfoy's solicitor, Shamik Dutta, of Bhatt Murphy solicitors, voiced concerns at his client's allegations, saying: "The question many people are bound to ask is why an off-duty firefighter, wearing a pinstriped suit and offering assistance to the police, should have been dragged from his car, shot with a Taser, locked up for many hours and then prosecuted for an offence he did not commit by the very officers he was trying to help.
"Our client now expects a comprehensive investigation which examines what role his race has had in the horrific events he has been forced to suffer."

Kennedy-Macfoy said this was not his first experience of discrimination at the hands of police: "I always get stopped by the police and it's always the same. [Police say:] 'Oh, you know, loads of these cars get stolen, so we just need to check you are who you say you are, blah blah blah.' And I know it is because I'm black. My friend Vince, he's a fireman – he borrows my car sometimes and it's a running joke at the fire station – he's never been stopped."

Brian Paddick, a former senior officer at Scotland Yard, said on Thursday he would appoint an independent commissioner for standards to help tackle "endemic" racism within the Metropolitan police if he were elected London mayor in May.

Source : The Guardian

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#Met Racism : The Police Do Not Like Black People.

#Clydebank #PoliceCorruption exposed in Scottish court Officer found guilty of stealing personal data

A police officer based in Clydebank faces dismissal from the service after admitting a charge of obtaining personal data for non-policing ­purposes.

For five months Police Constable Jeff Jones – a former soldier of the Special Air Service and Parachute Regiment – searched the Scottish Intelligence Database to find information on several people linked with the murder of a Clydebank man in 2008. Among those whose details he looked up was drug dealer Gary Edmonds, who is living in witness protection.

The officer claimed his searches were motivated by a desire to find out about his girlfriend’s family and were not an attempt to pass information of the witness’s whereabouts to other criminals. PC Jones is in a relationship with the sister of the man convicted of stabbing 28-year-old Paul Boland to death in Faifley on December 13, 2008.

Gary Edmonds was a co-accused in that case but the charges against him were dropped when he agreed to turn Crown’s evidence. He was placed in witness protection as police believe he could be targeted for assisting the prosecution.

Experts said there was no chance of PC Jones finding information that could trace Edmonds, as such sensitive data is protected deep within the system. They stressed people under witness protection are safe, with information of their whereabouts being restricted even within the intelligence database.

Thomas Ross, PC Jones’ solicitor, said: “He made inquiries in relation to various people, some of whom were connected to the murder case, because he intended to satisfy himself there was nothing for him to be ­worried about continuing his ­relationship.
“There was no intention on his part to share any of the information he was able to obtain with anyone. It’s been a catastrophic mistake as far as his career with the police is concerned and he suspects this may be the end of his career.”

Appearing before Dumbarton Sheriff Court last week, PC Jones admitted to carrying out the searches over a five month period between May and September 2010. He could be fined rather than imprisoned but is also facing a Strathclyde Police disciplinary process, which could see him dismissed from the force.

Please note comments on this article have been blocked as it remains an active legal case.

#MET Racism : #CPS statement on charging of Met Police officer for alleged racist incident

MPS officer to be prosecuted for alleged racist incident

Alison Saunders, Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, said:
“In January this year the Crown Prosecution Service took the decision not to charge PC MacFarlane in relation to an alleged racist incident involving a male in August 2011. In March, the complainant’s lawyers challenged that decision, and in accordance with standard CPS practice, Grace Ononiwu, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS London, directed that the case be reviewed by a more senior lawyer who was not previously involved. That review is now complete and the conclusion, based on all the evidence now available, is that there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction to charge PC MacFarlane with a racially aggravated public order offence contrary to section 4a of the Public Order Act 1986 and section 31 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.
“When a review shows a previous decision not to prosecute is wrong, it is open to the CPS to rectify that error by bringing new proceedings. As Chief Crown Prosecutor for London, I have taken the decision in this case that, as well as there being sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction, and a prosecution being in the public interest, a prosecution is necessary in order to maintain confidence in the criminal justice system. That is the test I must apply under the Code for Crown Prosecutors when reinstituting a prosecution.
“Accordingly I have advised the Independent Police Complaints Commission to charge PC MacFarlane.
“It is regrettable that the original decision was wrong, but I hope the action taken and my decision today demonstrates the willingness of the CPS to review its decisions independently and swiftly and to take appropriate action where necessary.
“We have also considered whether an additional charge of assault should be brought in relation to an allegation of “strangulation” recorded by the complainant.
However, having now had opportunity to consider all available evidence including the statements of others in the van alongside the recording, the lawyer reviewing the case concluded that the inconsistencies in the various accounts of what happened were such that no additional charge could properly be added.

The inconsistencies included a dispute over the identity of the officer who took hold of the complainant; the complainant said that this was one officer but all other witnesses dispute this. There is also inconsistency over why the officer, who does accept that he took hold of the complainant did so; he and other witnesses say it was in response to the complainant’s apparent aggression and in self defence. I agree with the conclusion that in the circumstances there is insufficient evidence to meet the Code test for bringing charges.
“All parties have now been informed. Can I please remind all concerned that PC MacFarlane is charged with a criminal offence and has a right to a fair trial. It is very important that nothing is said, or reported, which could prejudice his trial.
“Another allegation of abuse by a police officer against a youth at Forest Gate Police Station remains under consideration, as announced earlier this month.”

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#Woolwich : Shanise Paris-Goff - Will We Ever Know The Truth ?

Unlike Smiley's case we at least have a witness who heard Shanise scream 'Get off me , leave me alone' followed very quickly by media reports that officers from the MET claimed not to have been in the room at the time she fell ! First reports are always the best to glean information from before the MET have a chance to twist words through the media and cover-up their crimes.

So, 'get off me' certainly implies that one officer, maybe more had hold of Shanise as she screamed ' leave me alone ' therefore we have the first lie, officers were in the room with Shanise when as they put it 'she fell'.

An 18-year-old girl who plunged to her death from the 17th floor of a London tower block as police officers came looking for her has been named locally as Shanise Paris-Goff.

Paris-Goff fell from the bedroom window of the apartment window in circumstances that are still unclear, after two plain clothes police officers came to arrest her for breach of parole in Woolwich, south east London.

The incident, which occurred on Tuesday morning, has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Tributes from an online memorial for Paris-Goff discuss the tragedy of her death at such a young age.

One post reads: "So sorry for your loss, how tragic. with the angels now, god-bless."
Tweeters also paid tribute:

#Woolwich : Shanise Paris-Goff Memorial Online - Gone Too Soon 1993-2012 R.I.P.

#IPCC #MET #Murdoch Media Corruption Report. ( RESULT Another Whitewash)

IPCC publishes reports relating to MPS links with former senior News of the World executive

Main Content

12 April 2012

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) found that “professional boundaries became blurred, imprudent decisions taken and poor judgement shown” by senior police personnel following completion of two investigations into allegations linked to the relationship between the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and a former senior executive at the News of the World newspaper.

The IPCC conducted two independent investigations, one into the decision to employ Chamy Media, a company set up by former News of the World executive Neil Wallis, as an advisor to the MPS, and the second into then Assistant Commissioner John Yates’ alleged involvement in securing a job with the MPS for Mr Wallis’ daughter.

Deborah Glass, IPCC Deputy Chair said:

“In these investigations, at the heart of the issues affecting public confidence was the question of whether two separate arrangements – both involving a form of employment connected to Neil Wallis – were either corruptly entered into or otherwise breached MPS policies and procedures.

“In neither case did we find evidence of corruption, but in both cases we found that policies were breached, and in the case of the former Director of Public Affairs, Dick Fedorcio, that there was a case to answer in relation to misconduct.

“Our investigations were limited in scope to the issues over which we have responsibility.  However, the findings should be considered in context.

“Despite the growing phone hacking scandal, which must have exercised the MPS at a senior level and which was beginning to damage the reputation of the Metropolitan Police in late 2009, senior people appear to have been oblivious to the perception of conflict. It is clear to me that professional boundaries became blurred, imprudent decisions taken and poor judgement shown by senior police personnel.

“I am acutely aware that both reports are being published against the backdrop of the Leveson Inquiry, which is examining the relationship between the police and the media. The ongoing inquiry is painting an uncomfortable picture of the relationship between the biggest police force in Britain and sections of the media. This culture has had an impact on public confidence, although I also observe that since these cases were referred, none of the senior personnel referred to in these reports  are still serving.”

Neil Wallis left his job with the News of the World in June 2009 and set up his company shortly before the Guardian newspaper ran an article claiming that phone-hacking was much more widespread than had been revealed previously.

It is in this context that Mr Fedorcio approached Mr Yates in August 2009 about employing Mr Wallis to assist with the MPS media strategy to provide additional public relations support during his deputy’s absence. Mr Yates thought this “a sensible proposal”.

The IPCC investigation concluded that Mr Fedorcio had a case to answer in relation to the way in which Mr Wallis’ company was employed by the MPS. We found that he employed Mr Wallis prior to a written contract being agreed thereby compromising the competitive process that should have been followed.

Mr Fedorcio also failed to monitor the contract and to ensure Mr Wallis was appropriately vetted and he did not identify to the police authority the nature of Mr Wallis’ employment.

The MPS decided that he face allegations of gross misconduct. Mr Fedorcio chose to resign shortly afterwards.

Ms Glass added: “The IPCC cannot prevent a member of police staff leaving before facing misconduct proceedings. But I can and do observe that such a practice can be hugely damaging to public confidence.”

In the case of the employment of Ms Wallis, the IPCC concluded that employment policies were not followed and the responsibility for the lack of adherence to policy lay with the Director of Human Resources, Martin Tiplady, who had retired some time before the investigation began. This was no fault whatsoever of Ms Wallis.

The IPCC concluded that Mr Yates’ action in forwarding Amy Wallis’ CV to Mr Tiplady did not amount to misconduct.

However the investigation did conclude that he showed poor judgement in forwarding the CV, which in the words that accompanied it, added to the inference drawn by staff that they were expected to find Ms Wallis a job. The involvement of these two members of the MPS management board had the foreseeable consequence that human resources staff believed that they were obliged to find a post.

IPCC investigators were told that the forwarding of CVs was “routine” and quite normal for an organisation the size of the MPS. The IPCC did not investigate any other instances of CVs being forwarded, nor were we provided with any evidence of impropriety suggesting that other instances should be referred. Forwarding a CV does not in itself, amount to misconduct.

The IPCC has recommended that the MPS reviews its practices in this area to ensure that they are not susceptible to allegations of interference or favouritism.

- Ends -

Media enquiries to IPCC Press Office on 020 7166 3951 or 3028 or 3082

#Woolwich :#RacistPolice 'Open Letter' From Dr #RichardStone On The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry 2

Dr Richard Stone's Letter In Full

Dear Mr Hogan-Howe

I see with horror, as I suspect you do, media stories alleging blatant racist behaviour by police officers.

Blatant racism by police officers has, regrettably, a long history especially in inner-city boroughs. It is what got me involved in the antiracist struggle in the 1970s in Notting Hill where I was a local doctor.  It has been exposed from time to time, for example in the 2003 Secret Policeman Panorama programme.

In my 20 years as an NHS GP I developed a great respect for the professionalism of most of the police officers I worked with locally. They and I felt let down by those who abused their powers to act and get away with unprofessional racist behaviour.

15 years ago in 1997 I was drawn deeply into analysing police racism as a panel member of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, adviser to the judge Sir William Macpherson. In 2008/09 I researched and wrote a review of the Inquiry 10 years on, which was launched by the then Justice, Home and Community Secretaries at their 10th anniversary conference.

I welcome your commitment to changes in stop and search which will reduce the overall numbers yet increase successful outcomes. These changes fit well with the four recommendations in the Inquiry’s report on stop and search. 

Both approaches actually aim to limit the discretion of constables to abuse their powers, so it is not surprising that there has been resistance to these changes.
Now I ask you to go further. Enough of analysis! Enough of definitions.

Enough of pilot schemes.  Enough of thick volumes of proposals for the future.  Tell everyone under you just to stop it. Then tell them again, and again: year after year.
Discussion about racism, and education about it have been going on since the Scarman report on the Brixton riots in 1981. Mr & Mrs Lawrence, parents of Stephen Lawrence, have showed millions in this country what it means to be black in a white-dominated society: you are liable to get a lesser service from police, doctors, teachers, and from anyone else, than if you are white. 

No one in this country can justify saying they don’t know when their words or actions ‘disadvantage minority ethnic people’, to use the words of our definition in the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry.

What has been missing all along has been sustained leadership from the top and it is this that I ask of you now.

Leadership from the top can achieve major change. After the London bombings experts expected vilification and even violence against British Muslims. It didn't happen, and it was because the Prime Minister and other leaders marked out the bombers not as Muslims, but as violent extremists.

Regardless of the outcome of the current allegations in the Met, now is as good a time as any for you to speak out against any racism in police services, whether overt or institutional; direct or indirect; or as described in any other way.

When General Colin Powell took over as chief of staff of the Army of the USA, he is reputed as saying “As of next Monday, in this army racism is out. Off limits!”

I am copying this open letter to other leaders.

Because the stimulus has come from a case within the Metropolitan Police, that makes it natural for you to take the lead in leading other leaders. 

 It is an honourable and fine role to take.
Yours very sincerely

Dr Richard Stone


#Woolwich : #Untouchables - Anyone Wishing To Read The Uncensored Stench Of MET Police Corruption Including Deep Racism At Scotland Yard Should Read The Untouchables.

Follow here on twitter for more details    by Laurie Flynn And Michael Gillard

#Woolwich :Shanise Paris-Goff : 'Let me Go ' The Last Words From Shanise Heard By A Neighbour - Meanwhile The Daily Mail Heavily Moderate Their Comments Section In Support Of The Racist Corrupt MET AND Allow Dead Shanise To Be Demonized !

The Daily Mail tell us Shanise was a criminal, a robber.

MP's are also criminals and robbers BUT with a difference, their crimes are to be kept secret . The 'law' does not apply to them ,they are untouchable!

She had model looks and the chance to turn her life around after becoming a criminal when just a child.
But Shanise Paris-Goff died at the age of 18 when she fell from the 17th floor of a tower block during a police raid.
Moments earlier, officers had arrived to arrest the convicted robber after she had been on the run for nine months.
Shanise Paris-Goff plunged to her death from the 17th floor of a block of flats in Woolwich on Monday
Shanise Paris-Goff plunged to her death from the 17th floor of a block of flats in Woolwich on Monday
She had been tracked down to her boyfriend's high-rise flat and is thought to have panicked on seeing the officers.
The teenager scrambled on to a bedroom window ledge where she plunged to her death.
Yesterday it emerged that Shanise, who dubbed herself 'Reckless Shen', had evaded police and probation officers for months.
They were searching for her after she failed to register with her probation officer following her early release from a young offenders' institution in April last year.
Shanise had served nearly two years of a three-year sentence for a series of muggings, attempted robbery and assault. Scotland Yard appealed for help in tracing her last July but it was not until Tuesday that police attempted to arrest her at the flat in Woolwich, South East London.
Miss Paris-Goff, who was also known as Sherise Steabler, was said to have been released from prison in April last year under licence
Miss Paris-Goff, who was also known as Sherise Steabler, was said to have been released from prison in April last year under licence
Death: The 17th-storey window from which Shanise plunged to her death
Death: The 17th-storey window from which Shanise plunged to her death
On her Facebook page while on the loose, the tearaway taunted them, saying 'Catch me if you can' and '**** the feds and **** the law'.
She was jailed at Croydon Crown Court in May 2009 and released on April 20 last year on licence and subject to a curfew.
The teenager, who also went by the name Shenice and Sherise Steabler, appears to have spent her days posting updates on Facebook about smoking cannabis and moaning about her curfew.
Eight days after her release, she wrote: 'Probation is a lonnnnnnng tome [time]! I'm a criminal get me outta here!'
Then on May 26, she said: '**** dis curfew **** its depresin ma life.' But after breaching the terms of her release by not registering with the Probation Service or turning up to any meetings, her licence was revoked three months later.
After going into hiding, she taunted police on June 17 last year, saying: 'Katch me if yuh kann!'
Friends urged her to change her ways at the beginning of this year, with one asking: 'Where is your life going? Seriously. Think about it.'
But Shanise retorted: 'I hear yuh buh I'm only gonna live once so ima do it my way!!'

Tweet by The official lala

Police and forensics officers attend the scene after she fell to her death
Police and forensics officers attend the scene after she fell to her death
Meticulous: Forensic officers scour the grounds for evidence after Shanise's death

Shanise Paris-Goff plunged to her death from the 17th floor of a block of flats in Woolwich yesterday
Shanise Paris-Goff plunged to her death from the 17th floor of a block of flats in Woolwich yesterday
In an bizarre rant posted on New Year's Eve, she had written: '**** the new year! Were all gonna die! Hope yuh lot r ready kah I am!'
On her homepage, she described herself as a beautiful, outgoing girl with a loud mouth, writing: 'I'm Only Gonna Live Once So I Do **** My Way!!
'I've Made A lot Of Mistakes In The Short Period Of Time I've Lived Buh I Say **** It S*** Happens Life Goes Orn!' She added: 'I'm One Ina Million!!'
Last night her parents were said to be too upset to speak about her death but friends and family paid tribute on Facebook.
Her cousin, Krystle Goff wrote: 'Ur at peace now. Make sure yuh party hard up ther. I love you xxx.'
An inquiry into her death will be held by the Independent Police Complaints Commission and the Met Force's Directorate of Professional Standards.
Neighbours told how they heard a woman scream 'Get off me'.
The two plain-clothes officers who went to the one-bedroomed flat will be questioned about her final movements.
Shortly after they arrived, police said Shanise retreated to the bedroom alone, half closing the door behind her.
Seconds later she fell. Her death was witnessed by children on the estate who screamed in horror.
Officers later arrested her boyfriend Mason Okotie, 18, on suspicion of assisting an offender.
Investigation: Police and forensic officers scour the scene for evidence behind the block of flats in Woolwich
Investigation: Police and forensic officers cordon off the area behind the block of flats in Woolwich as they continued their search for clues

Tragic: A police officer lifts the cordon tape Shanise's body is carried from the scene
Tragic: A police officer lifts the cordon tape Shanise's body is carried from the scene

Read more:

#Woolwich:#Motorman: Britain’s Biggest Establishment Cover-Up.

Maybe those who live in Woolwich lead too busy lives and have not had the time to follow the Freemason Leveson Inquiry. No matter, you are not missing much just a lot of bent cops telling lies under oath. However Motorman is another matter , crimes committed by criminal journalists then covered up by corrupt judges and yes of course hand in glove with the very corrupt Scotland Yard.

Thousands of Crimes Committed By Over 300 Journalists

Protected from Exposure by a Judge and Newspaper Editors

If a police-led investigation uncovered thousands of crimes committed by over 300 suspected serial criminals, you would expect the editors of newspapers to be screaming at their journalists to get to the bottom of the story to splash across the front page. If the accused worked for powerful organisations with deep links to politicians and the bosses of these criminal enterprises had access to politicians at the highest level, even hosting parties for the politicians, it would be a huge scandal. Papers would be all over the story…
You would in those circumstances expect the criminal justice system to gear up for trials on a scale not seen in Britain before. Judges would perhaps have to consult their Italian counterparts – who took on the mafia’s tangentopoli in the nineties – for advice. Organised crime on this scale has hitherto been unheard of in Britain.

This isn’t a crime thriller storyline. Operation Motorman uncovered industrial scale criminality and hundreds of suspects names. Currently in Britain the newspapers are neither naming nor shaming because the criminal enterprises are the newspapers themselves, who understandably do not wish to report their own crimes. Their silence is a matter of self-preservation.

When the media don’t want to see justice done and politicians don’t want their closeness to what are effectively criminal enterprises exposed, the judges must then be our last hope for the truth, just as they were in Italy in the nineties. In gifting politicians power – in Italy it was money – the newspapers have come to believe that they are protected by the very same politicians from the law. Britain has been governed for decades by an interlocking politico-media elite analogous to Italy’s tangentopoli…

In the wake of the News of the World scandal last year David Cameron appointed Lord Justice Leveson to

inquire into the extent of unlawful or improper conduct within News International, other newspaper organisations and, as appropriate, other organisations within the media, and by those responsible for holding personal data.

On the surface the terms of reference looked set to catalyse revelations as to what has been going on – the police, politicians and the newspapers – all were to have their relationships, culture and ethics examined.

In the course of the Inquiry Leveson has received prima facie evidence of some thousands of crimes committed by hundreds of journalists. The Operation Motorman files gathered by the Information Commissioner expose a culture of criminality in the day-to-day functioning of the media. The corrupting of police and other offices of the crown was a matter of course not only at the News of the World and other Murdoch titles, it was also the case at the Mail and the Mirror newspaper groups as well. The silence on this issue from these newspapers is because they fear a circular firing squad.

Leveson has the evidence required to initiate criminal actions and civil actions by thousands of victims of crimes committed by newspaper journalists. Guido challenged Leveson to his face to publish the evidence, thus allowing the victims of industrial scale illegal invasions of privacy to get justice. Leveson claimed it was difficult nine years on. Guido understands that there have been two applications to Leveson to release the Operation Motorman files. The applications, heard in private, were refused.

So in Britain we have a situation where the judge charged with investigating the crimes carried out by the media is covering up their crimes. There is an overwhelming public interest in the victims getting justice.

The Operation Motorman files are huge, the thousands of entries contained in the files are a mere snapshot of the industrial scale criminality carried out by the press. Today Guido is releasing the Blue Book section of the Operation Motorman files covering the 1,028 News International related entries out of a total of some 17,000. These files are known to most newspaper editors and to Guido’s knowledge no action has been taken against the journalists named within, some of whom are now senior journalists. To Guido’s knowledge Guardian journalists have possession of the files covering the Mail and Mirror groups. One wonders why they so far have only been willing to name the names of journalists from the Murdoch press…

It seems to Guido that there is no political will to see this through, the press are by and large keen for their own reasons to suppress the truth and the judiciary are actively suppressing the evidence. In those circumstances it is only by bringing the evidence out into the open that justice will be done.

Download: Operation Motorman Blue Book


Inclusion of the name of a journalist in the Operation Motorman files does not mean a journalist has committed a crime. Some of the entries are for innocent inquiries, a few will be breaches of Section 55 of the Data Protection Act which can be justified if the journalist concerned can prove that they were acting in the public interest.

The published file has personal data belonging to victims redacted.

The published file has the names of persons known to be of interest to the security services redacted.

There are transposition errors in the files. For example Gordon Rayner (entries 1006 – 1009) actually worked for the Daily Mail not News International as recorded in the Blue Book. Rayner made over 300 information requests in the Motorman files, over 180 of which were for information that could not be legally obtained.

Journalists should note that Guido is not commenting further for the moment. To understand how to interpret the files contact the Hacked Off campaign.

#Woolwich : Twitter Tributes For Shanise Paris-Goff - Meanwhile The Government's Mouthpiece 'The TORYGRAPH' Try To Smooth Things Over With A PR Article.

An 18-year-old girl who fell to her death from the 17th floor of a block of flats has been named in tributes on Twitter as Shanise Paris-Goff.

Something rather odd the POLICE claim in this article they have not named Shanise, her name came from those posting on twitter!!!! . A blatant lie, the first time Shanise's name was mentioned on twitter was by ' Brunt of the Yard ' Martin Brunt Sky News crime reporter, so obviously someone from the MET gave him her name. Sadly Brunt could not even get that right, he tweeted ShaMise with an M. Brunt also was the first to tweet about the death of Smiley Culture.

Sherise Steabler, was said to have been released from prison in April last year under licence: Woolwich death plunge teenage girl named as Shanise Paris-Goff
Image 1 of 3
Sherise Steabler, who plunged from the Woolwich complex, was said to have been released from prison in April last year under licence. 

#Woolwich : #MET Corruption -Report due on Metropolitan Police contract with News International executive:

A report is published today on a contract handed by the Metropolitan Police to a former News of the World executive.

Scotland Yard paid £24,000 to former executive editor Neil Wallis’s firm Chamy Media for PR advice between 2009 and 2010.

He was arrested on suspicion of phone-hacking last July but has not been charged.

The Imdependent Police Complaints Commission (IPPC) has already announced that former Metropolitan Police communications chief Dick Fedorcio has a “case to answer” over the procurement of the contract.

IPCC deputy chair Deborah Glass said when he did so on March 29: “Our investigation found that Mr Fedorcio has a case to answer in relation to his procurement of the contract for Chamy Media.

“Last week the Metropolitan Police Service proposed to initiate proceedings for gross misconduct and I agreed with that proposal.

“In light of Mr Fedorcio’s resignation today, those proceedings cannot now take place and I propose to publish our investigation report detailing our findings in the next few days.”

Earlier in March the Leveson Inquiry into press standards heard that Mr Fedorcio invited people from leading PR firms Bell Pottinger and Hanover to submit rival bids for the contract that was awarded to Mr Wallis.

Chairman Lord Justice Leveson suggested that the Met head of public affairs chose these companies because he knew they would be more expensive than the former News of the World executive, adding: “The point is, this is set up to get a result.”

Mr Fedorcio denied this, but confirmed that he initially wanted to award the contract to Mr Wallis without any competition.

Mr Wallis offered his services as a PR consultant to the Met over lunch with Mr Fedorcio in August 2009, the inquiry heard.

The Scotland Yard communications chief, whose deputy was on long-term sick leave at the time, discussed the possibility of hiring the ex-tabloid executive with then-assistant commissioner John Yates.

Mr Yates said Mr Wallis gave him “categorical assurances” that there was nothing about the News of the World phone-hacking case that could emerge later to embarrass the Metropolitan Police if he was given the job.



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#Woolwich : Shanise Paris-Goff R.I.P. You Are With Smiley Now And You Both Know The Reason Why.

#Woolwich : Shanise Paris-Goff - Police Have Been Hunting Her Down For Months !

Police hunt for teenage girl who breached parole terms

10:22am Sunday 17th July 2011

By Michael Purton

POLICE are searching for a teenage girl who has breached the terms of her early release from a young offenders institution.

Shanise Paris-Goff has had her parole licence revoked after failing to register with her probation officer following her release from incarceration on April 20.

The 17-year-old, who is also known as Sherise Steabler and is from St Paul’s Cray, was sentenced to three years behind bars in May 2009 for robbery and assault.

A Bromley police spokesman said: “Paris-Goff has family in the St Paul’s Cray area and is also known to frequent the Woolwich area, as well as parts of North London.”

Anyone with any information should call PC Nichola Alderson at Bromley police's CID on 020 8284 8838 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.

© Copyright 2001-2012 Newsquest Media Group

#Woolwich : Shanise Paris-Goff Now Named As The Young Lady Who 'Fell' From The 17th Floor Tower Block During A Police Raid.

Before she fell a witness heard her scream 'Get Off me , leave me alone'. MET officers claim they were not in the room when she 'fell' ......yeah right !

Shanise Paris-Goff 
Shanise Paris-Goff
A TEENAGER who plunged to her death from the 17th floor of a block of flats in Woolwich yesterday is believed to be a convicted robber called Shanise Paris-Goff.

The 18-year-old woman fell from a bedroom window at a flat in Hastings House, Mulgrave Road, shortly after two plain clothes police officers entered the home.
They were there to carry out an arrest inquiry as she had breached the terms of her licence.

#Tipton :Police continue to investigate death of Tipton woman


.Police continue to investigate following death of woman
Police are this morning continuing to investigate the death of a woman in her early twenties in Tipton.

A 27 year old man was arrested on suspicion of murder following the discovery of a woman's body at an address in Grace Road Tipton on Monday evening- he continues to help police with enquiries.

Medical professionals pronounced the woman dead at the scene. She is yet to be formally identified.

Detective Inspector Andy Hawkins, from the Force Criminal Investigation Department, is leading the inquiry. He said: "We are still in the process of identifying the young woman and as part of our investigation we will be speaking to people in the local area to Grace Road.

"Forensic enquiries are continuing at the property today and we urge anyone who has information about what has happened to come forward to speak to us at their earliest opportunity."

If you can help the inquiry, contact the Force Criminal Investigation Department at Harborne police station by dialling 101, or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

#Woolwich : MET Press Release On Death Of 18 Year Old.

New Scotland Yard
Enquiries continue after a death in Woolwich.

At approx 09.30hrs on Tuesday, 10 April two plain clothes police officers attended an address in Mulgrave Road SE18 to carry out a routine arrest enquiry regarding a recall to prison.
This was a pre-planned arrest enquiry - officers called at the address and were allowed entry to the flat.

Shortly after the officers entered the flat a woman, believed to be 18, fell from a bedroom window on the 17th floor. Initial information suggests that she was in the room alone
She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Next of kin have been informed but officers still await formal identification.

A post-mortem examination will be held on Wednesday, 11 April.

A man was arrested by officers on suspicion of assisting an offender and was taken to a south London police station. He has now been bailed to return in early June pending further inquiries.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) has been informed and is investigating.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has been informed.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#Woolwich : Post Mortem Due On 18 Year Old Girl Who 'Fell' According To The MET Even Though They Were Not In the Room At The Time - According To the MET .

The MET once again protect their own . Will the officers be named  ? Will there be photographs of any injuries on the officers as this young girl screamed and tried to defend herself ' let me go , get off me' ? NO,  they have already covered themselves by claiming they were not in the room when she (cough) fell !  During her post mortem if flesh is found under her fingernails belonging to one of the MET's finest, rest assured ALL evidence will be destroyed.

The Official Line

A post mortem examination is due to be carried out today on an 18-year-old woman who fell to her death from the 17th floor of a block of flats in Woolwich.

Scotland Yard says she fell after officers arrived at her flat to make an arrest.

The police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, is investigating.

#Woolwich : #MET Get Out Clause 'They Were Not In The Room When Smiley Stabbed Himself ' They Were Not In The Room When This Young Victim Screamed 'Let Me Go, Get Off Me' Before She Fell !

Fall death woman police were attempting to recall convicted thief

Police officers who arrived at the block of flats where a woman fell to her death from the17th floor were attempting to recall a convicted thief to prison.
Scotland Yard faces an inquiry from the police watchdog after the incident.
It's understood that the thief had been convicted in connection with three street robberies in London in 2009, and was out on licence after serving part of their sentence, Scotland Yard said.

#Woolwich :Distraught boyfriend led screaming from tower block after teenage girlfriend's 17-storey death plunge during police raid


  • Police went to flat to recall 18-year-old girl to prison
  • Neighbours say she was screaming 'let me go' before she fell

A teenager plunged to her death from the bedroom window of a 17th-floor tower block yesterday, moments after police arrived to arrest her.
Neighbours told of being woken by the 18-year-old screaming 'Get off me, let me go' shortly before she fell.
Last night, Scotland Yard said officers were not in the room when the girl, a convicted robber, fell from the window of the high-rise in Woolwich, South East London.
Scroll down for video
The woman plunged to her death from a window on the 17th floor of this tower block in south-east London as police raided her flat
Death: The woman plunged to the ground from a window on the 17th floor of this tower block in south-east London as police raided her flat
Two plain-clothes police officers arrived at the flat at 9.30am to arrest the teenager, but within moments of entering the property the young woman fell some 155ft to her death from a bedroom window.
Her lifeless body was found on a bank of grass behind the block of flats.
One neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said the area was full of police cars and ambulances this morning.
She said: 'They were always together and his mum was often with them. We saw hundreds of officers running in and out of the block.

'But then we saw her boyfriend being dragged out of the building. He was screaming ‘No! No! No!’. I think he must have seen her fall.
'They put him in a police car and drove him up the road a little bit, then one of the neighbours' sons who knows him came and got him and they walked away.
Death: The 17th-storey window from which a teenage woman plunged to her death today
Death: The 17th-storey window from which a teenage woman plunged to her death today

Police and forensics officers attend the scene after an 18-year-old woman fell to her death from a block of flats in Woolwich
Police and forensics officers attend the scene after an 18-year-old woman fell to her death from a block of flats in Woolwich
Meticulous: Forensic officers scour the grounds for evidence today

'We didn’t see anyone getting arrested or being brought out of the building by police, only him and they let him go again.'
Another neighbour said that the woman who died and her boyfriend were a 'friendly' couple but had been known to row occasionally.
She said: 'I didn’t know what happened, whether she fell or she was pushed.
'At the back of the tower block there are one-bedroom flats and the windows at the back, where she must have fallen, are a bit dodgy.
'They come up to about chest height so she must have climbed, but they open right out so it would be easy to fall or to jump.'
Another witness to the incident said she saw a different girl with aged about 18, run round the back 'crying and clearly very, very upset.'
Investigation: Police and forensic officers scour the scene for evidence behind the block of flats in Woolwich
Investigation: Police and forensic officers cordon off the area behind the block of flats in Woolwich as they continued their search for clues

Tragic: A police officer lifts the cordon tape as a body appears to be carried from the scene
Tragic: A police officer lifts the cordon tape as a body appears to be carried from the scene
She added: 'Later I saw the police leading her away to a car. She was covered in grassy stains and crying a lot. I assumed she must have got the stains from kneeling on the ground where the girl had fallen.'
'The next thing I saw was someone being taken away by the police. I recognised him. I've seen him a lot skating in the road.
'He was protesting his innocence to the police.'
'Then I saw three police officers, one of whom used a pole, bring out a Staffordshire terrier-type dog.
The dog was behaving ok, it wasn't causing any problems.'
Probe: Police were visiting the flat to make an arrest as part of a recall to prison inquiry
Probe: Police were visiting the flat to make an arrest as part of a recall to prison inquiry
Council caretaker Prince Langlais, 42, said he knew the victim and the man who was arrested.
'A lot of people round here know each other, they see the same face more or less every day. They were very friendly people.'
The woman said police are often called to incidents in the flats in the tower block. She said: 'It's certainly not a quiet, crime-free place to live.'
It is not yet known if she leapt to ground in an attempt to get away from officers, but the police have said she was pronounced dead at the scene.
Police said they were visiting the high-rise tower block as part of a recall to prison inquiry.
Scotland Yard said they were still waiting for her to be formally identified with a post-mortem examination to be scheduled in due course.
A spokesman said a man was arrested by officers on suspicion of assisting an offender and he is currently in custody at a south London police station.
The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS) has been informed and is investigating.

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