Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#Woolwich : Girl Dead Of Mixed Race - Are The Corrupt MET Already Trying To Cover It Up Using The Media ?

We have a neighbour reporting the couple were arguing.  Now suddenly we have an expert witness who heard the couple arguing just before the police raid. About ten minutes later she was out of the window! The couple argued often said another neighbour but never before has she thrown herself out of the 17th story floor window....Has anyone ever witnessed a police raid ? take a look on U Tube or why not ask Smiley Culture ...oh sorry I forgot ! Something stinks and once again it would appear the corrupt MET are using the corrupt media to spin PR and get them out of what looks like another racist incident.

Neighbour heard row before incident

Carpenter Michael Mulkerrins, 28, who lives two floors directly below the woman, said his partner heard a row from inside the flat a few minutes before the incident.
He heard an argument, he heard shouting and bawling. About 10 minutes later she was out of the window. He didn't see the girl but he did see her on the floor. I've seen him quite a lot by himself. It could be his flat and she was staying over.
– Carpenter Michael Mulkerrins
He said he spoke to the man when they passed in the corridor, and described him as "an alright chap". The man often had a skateboard, he said, and had lived in the block for around four months.