Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trevor Chappell : History and Police Involvement

@helgaworotitjan In terms of what is known:

There was previous police involvement on the day of his death.

There is also history of land dispute difficulties, which he and his wife tried to resolve by putting the matter to be heard at County Court, but police officers prevented those proceedings from happening and a fair hearing, in that charges were made to criminalise matters before the civil proceedings got to court.

 After >3 years of fighting through ‘the system’ eventually the criminal charges were forced to be dropped as witnesses spoke, documents, receipts, bank statements and more to prove false allegations were submitted over again.

 But because it was thwarted, the civil land matter remained (some officers had lived in the row of houses (Mr and Mrs Chappell didn’t know they were officers until they ‘acted’))  and wanted to privatise a communal right of way, but Mr and Mrs Chappell’s property deeds clearly show rights of all to use the shared pathway and outbuildings, one of which the Police Officer resident dismantled in anger of objections- privatising of what is legally communal was their motive and only priority.

It was necessary for Mr Chappell to continue to, and he was legally entitled to, use the path out of the rear of his property, due to disability as it was flat with no steps. The path runs directly outside the back doors.

At the time Mr and Mrs Chappell pursued all issues with IPCC, MP’s, Councillors and even wrote to Parliament, but nothing resulted.

 On the day of his death enquiries were made at the police station, the desk officer said there had been an altercation, this was later denied as being recorded.

There has been refusal to application of police  records.

 All is known is that his wounds and injuries are not consistent with what is recorded as the mode of death , records have been withheld and the pathologist has not recorded the significant wounds and injuries, why??

Does the background history have anything to do with what happened on the day of Mr Chappell’s death?