Sunday, May 20, 2012

Police Leak : #NoNato - WATCH Livestream!/policeleak


Guardian Journalist Adam Gabbatt also reporting here on Twitter.!/AdamGabbatt

NoNATO Chicago
Photo: Aaron Cynic
Aaron Cynic writes at Diatribe Media:

The day kicked off in a tame but at least celebratory manner at a rally held in Daley Plaza by National Nurses United. After two hours of speeches and wandering around a square grabbing random flyers and other literature, there was no way that at least part of the 3,000 plus people standing on the square were simply going to go home. Everyone knew it, and one could feel a nervous sense of excitement wafting on the air while the last few chords of Tom Morello’s performance rang out.

As people still milled about and I waited to see exactly when an unpermitted march would begin, the Chicago police made what appeared to be a very targeted snatch and grab of a masked protester. According to reports, the police attempted to ask the man a few questions, he refused to answer and was immediately led more