Monday, May 7, 2012

#IPCC #Corrupt : The North West IPCC Are Just CORRUPT !

Once again in their dealings with David Abbott, the IPCC in the North West and London show themselves to be corrupt. David Abbott wrote to the IPCC Deputy Commissioner in London, One Deborah Glass....
about the way that the IPCC in the North West was treating his complaint, as just another aggravation rather than the very serious complaint that it is. What did Deborah Glass do with his email? Sent it straight to the department that he was complaining about. It is just like if you go to a shop and make a complaint about the sales person's attitude to you and ask to see the manager and get told to take it up with the sales person.

So, what happened was that David Abbott's complaint was referred by the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Professional Standards Branch to the IPCC under a Mandatory Referral  which means basically that the allegations are serious. Now The Inspector involved must have made reference to the IPCC Statutory Guidance 2010 which states in section 203 amongst the reasons for a Mandatory Referral, " serious corruption".
In Section 211 of the same document the IPCC explain what they mean by "serious corruption".:

The term ‘serious corruption’ refers to conduct that includes:
any attempt to pervert the course of justice or other conduct likely seriously to
harm the administration of justice, in particular the criminal justice system;
• payments or other benefits or favours received in connection with the
performance of duties amounting to an offence in relation to which a
magistrates’ court would be likely to decline jurisdiction;
• corrupt controller, handler or informer relationships;
• provision of confidential information in return for payment or other benefits or
favours where the conduct goes beyond a possible prosecution for an offence
under Section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998;
• extraction and supply of seized controlled drugs, firearms or other material;
attempts or conspiracies to do any of the more