Sunday, August 7, 2011

#Tottenham: What should have happened but did'nt by Lord Credo

Here’s what should have happened last night (please note that this is not a real statement):
A statement from the Prime Minister on the riots in Tottenham:
I have been briefed on the developing situation in Tottenham and have been in communication with the police and community leaders, this evening.
I join with them in condemning this senseless violence that does little to further the IPCC investigation into the shooting of a man, last week.
Make no mistake; Looters, rioters and thieves will be prosecuted. There is no excuse for such wanton destruction of private property, and arrests will be followed up with prosecutions where appropriate.
I have asked the IPCC to appoint members of the local community to participate in their inquiries in order to encourage transparency and confidence in both the police and the IPCC more