Saturday, August 13, 2011

#BillBratton : $25 million dollar claim for Stanley Miller beating

A suspected car thief has filed a $25m (£13.3m) claim with the city of Los Angeles over a videotaped police beating he says left him with brain damage.

Stanley Miller alleged the beating, on June 23, also caused "spinal injuries, trunk-torso injuries, internal injuries, emotional distress, and bruises and contusions". If the city rejects the claim, Mr Miller could seek damages through a lawsuit.
A police spokeswoman said the department would not comment on "pending litigation".
The police chief, William Bratton, said Mr Miller's injuries appeared to be minor scrapes and bruises.
 Police allege he had led them on a 30-minute chase after they saw him in a reportedly stolen car. The chase ended when Mr Miller jumped out of the car. He was on the ground when an officer, John Hatfield, struck him 11 times with a metal flashlight.
Mr Hatfield said he had struck Mr Miller after another officer felt something in his pocket that he mistook for a gun.

LAPD officials have said they recovered wire cutters.