Saturday, August 6, 2011

#Police corruption along with Goverment corruption prevented the McCanns from being charged with the death of their daughter Madeleine.

The Portuguese Police were almost there , the McCanns made suspects, involved in the death of their daughter . Gordon Brown had them whisked out of the country. FSS were ordered to back off from their forensic findings (corrupt and now closed). BUT what everyone fails to realize is this, by covering-up for the parents, Madeleine's siblings may be at great risk. Maddie, may have been murdered by one of her parents and no one seems to give a damn that they still have two small children who may well be in great danger IF one day either of them has a flash back and remembers what REALLY happened to their sister.

BRITISH Profiler LEE Rainbow said: 'Gerry McCann MUST be investigated, we may be looking at a homicide'.....His words ignored because the ELITE wanted to protect the McCanns !

BRITISH Justice...let the guilty walk free and could give a damn about children.