Saturday, September 17, 2011

#Police brutality :Council of Europe investigates the U.K. Police

AMID DISSATISFACTION OF THE U.K.POLICE  and the complaints of failure to carry out proper disciplinary procedures, THE COMMITTEE APPOINTED UNDER THE 1987 EUROPEAN CONVENTION FOR THE PREVENTION OF TORTURE AND INHUMAN OR DEGRADING TREATMENT OR PUNISHMENT began an investigation into ill-treatment to suspects by the UK Police. 

This follows three successful high court challenges. 

This involves deaths in custody, a problem that the UK police hoped would go away after many such incidents in the 1980's.  One case they were looking at involved torture by police officers.  The Crown prosecution Service were yet again criticised over decisions not to pursue ill-treatment prosecutions of officers - one high court challenge was against the Director of Public Prosecutions. 

The Committee which was not happy with the way the CPS conducted cases of police torture accusations is authorised to carry out broader ranging investigations into police discipline. They are to examine why a significant number of police officers escape disciplinary charges, despite jury awards of damages to claimants in civil cases for assault, malicious prosecution and false imprisonment. 

They said there was huge failings in the Crown Prosecution Service who seemed to fail the public in the evidence of clear wrong-doing by police officers and attempted cover-ups by police authorities trying to ignore the problem. 

The Commission intend to inspect documents of the relevant police areas, the police complaints authority and the Crown Prosecution Service. ' We are not here specifically to look into police corruption, but it is an issue that needs serious tackling in the U.K.' said one spokesperson.