Saturday, July 30, 2011

#GuidoFawkes is he having a laugh?

Guido Fawkes must surely jest , he is calling for the return of the death penalty ! Just take a look at this blog and witness for yourselves the corruption in the British Police Force. We have MURDOCH who has bribed Judges and Goverment,  not to mention corrupt lawyers who threaten witnessess so they are too afraid to speak out. The McCanns running the largest missing persons fraud ever to be seen supported by MURDOCH and his middle man Clarence Mitchell. The Goverment confirming ALL DNA of innocent people will be kept on a database...So, to sum up we have corrupt judges , corrupt coppers who can easily plant evidence of an innocent person placing him or her at the scene of a crime just because they did not like the look of your face. Dear God help us all with fools like Guido one wonders whose side is he on ?  

I can only assume he has ONLY just found out his phone has been hacked explaining this strange turn of events !