Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bent Coppers & Crooked Quisling Judges MUST be stopped

Bent Coppers & Crooked Quisling Judges MUST be stopped.  Corruption is rampant in the British courts, civil & criminal.  Judges are the Godfathers of the Legal Mafia, who run the most successful PROTECTION RACKET in the world.    They have a stranglehold on THE LAW, & think they own it.  The Fair Lady Justice is raped in our courts every day of the week.  MPs (enjoying the ride on their own gravy train) & the so-called ‘News Media’ lead the populace in worshipping the judiciary as Gods.  They are not!  Their only human quality is arrogance.  If there is ever to be Justice in Britain, we must BREAK that stranglehold.  I am attempting to do so in
Leeds Combined Court Centre on Wednesday 15th June, MAGNA CARTA DAY at 12 noon.  PLEASE BE THERE IF YOU POSSIBLY CAN
You owe it to all those who gave their lives in World War II, but have been so badly betrayed.  Buying a poppy once a year has not prevented Britain becoming the very thing they fought against.  It is an Orwellian Police State – though hidden behind a nauseating PRETENCE of ‘Democracy’, & the ‘Rule of Law’.   WE HAVE NEITHER!  Instead, we have the ‘Rule of Law-yers’ – a very different thing!  They are the new ‘Master Race’ (not the one Hitler envisaged), have seized Absolute Power, & will destroy anyone (big or little) they see as a threat to their power.  ‘1984’ is NOW!
Your presence in sufficient numbers on Magna Carta Day (as above), might help to restore a semblance of Justice to Britain.  
Norman Scarth (HMS Matchless 1943/44, Russian Convoys & the Scharnhorst battle).
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